Minutes 7-12-2021

Village of Honor

Minutes for Regular Council Meeting –  July 12, 2021 

CALL TO ORDER: Called to order 6:01 pm by President Sandman 

  1. Pledge of Allegiance: 
  2. Roll Call: Present: Ward, Sandman, Leone, Sternburgh, Naulty, Goodman, Reed, Adkins, Sessions. Absent: Denoyer (late arrival). 
  3. Board/Public Comments on Agenda: None; close public comments 
  4. Approval of Agenda: Add Doug Durkee for Waste/Water Conference. Motion by Leone, 2nd by Ward, Denoyer (absent for this vote), Motion carries to approve agenda as amended 4 ayes, o nays. 5. Approval of Minutes FOR 6/14/21. Motion made by Ward, 2nd Sternburgh, Motion carries of 4 ayes, O nays 

Presentations: Motion to approve minutes by Ward, second by Dennis. 4 Ayes, 0 Nays. Motion is carried. 

  1. 7. Guests 
  2. Standing Guest: County Commissioner, Tim Markey. Benzie County has hired Katie Zeits for County Administrator, 1st ARPA funds came through, county is waiting until federal treasury is very specific about how the funds can be allocated. 

Benzie County Central Dispatch is looking for a dispatcher, also short on corrections officers and firefighters. Gave Report on incident occurrences. 

  1. Welcome to the 10 guests at this evening’s meeting. 
  2. Treasurer’s Report/Maryanne Goodman: See written report. Motion to accept report by Leone, Ward second the motion. 4 ayes, O nays. Motion carries. 
  3. Submission of Bills/Checks/Deb Reed: See report. Audit mostly completed. Motion to pay the bills as presented by Sternburgh, Second by Leone. Roll Call: Ward 

Y, Sandman Y, Leone Y, Sternburgh Y, Denoyer ABSENT. Motion Carries 4/0 and Denoyer absent. 

(Denoyer Arrived, 6:30) 

  1. Correspondence 
  2. Incoming: 
  3. Jones, resigning from Planning commission; Motion to accept resignation 

by Ward, Second Leone Motion carries 5 Ayes, 0 nays 2. Saffron correspondence, 3. Benzie County Road Commission correspondence. 

  1. Outgoing: None 
  2. Old Business: a. Village Debit Card. Need 2 Names on the card At this time Clerk and President will be the names on the card. Used for payroll issues and online purchases. 
  3. New Business 
  4. Doug Durkee: Wastewater conference in Mt. Pleasant on August 10-14. He is 

requesting to attend in order to keep the license intact. $370 for 2 days the motel for 1 night.+ gas mileage. Discussion around whether or not Butch should also attend. Motion Ward to pay up to $1200 for both to attend, 2nd Sandman. Roll Call: 

Ward Y, Sandman Y, Leone Y, Sternburgh Y, Denoyer Y. Motion carries 5/0. b. B.C.R.C.

bid on Highland Dr. Discussion regarding the submitted bid for work on 

Highland drive, total $1677.31 Motion to pay BCRC by Ward, 2nd by Denoyer. 

Roll Call: Ward; Y, Leone Y, Sternburgh; Y Denoyer Y. Motion carries 5/0. C. Trees: Estimate on removal and trimming trees; See Report for details. Contact 

landowner regarding price for removal of pine tree by Village office. Tabled until 

August meeting. d. New Planning Commission member, Jana Goldman. Now have 2 openings after accepting Jana Goldman and she passed her citizens planning course. These openings will be serving two, 2 year terms. There are 4 people that have given letters of interest for the remaining 2 seats. Each gave a short introduction and spoke on why they desire to be a part of the planning commission. 

Jeanette Jones 

Harold Saffron 

Jesse Theobold 

Anthony Sellers 

Discussion around amending Ordinance 41 in order to have alternates available to the commission. Sandman motion to appoint Jesse Theobold to the Planning Commission, second Ward. Roll Call: Ward Y, Sandman Y, Leone Y, Sternburgh Y, Denoyer Y. Motion Carries 5/0. Theobold will earn first seat. 

Motion by Denoyer to appoint Anthony Sellers to the second seat, 2nd by 

Sternburgh. Roll Call: Ward Y, Sandman Y, Leone Y, Sternburgh Y, Denoyer Y. Motion Carries 5/0 to appoint Sellers to the second seat. Both Jones and Saffron agree to be contacted if Ordinance 41 is amended to include alternates. 


Maintenance/Street Administrator/Adkins: See attached report. 

Zoning Administrator/Planning Commission/Naulty: 2 public hearings are upcoming. Aug 2nd at 6pm, public notice will be in the paper this week. Also have 1 Business with no permit. 

Thanks Jeffie Jones for her service. Thanks to Mr. Saffron for his dedication to helping at the planning commission at the most recent meeting. Thanks for the most recent organization of files in the office. 

Ordinance Officer Report: None 

Park Committee: Verbal report, Deb Reed. Portable toilets are set up, and the park looks good. 

Sewer Committee: See written report Budget Committee: no report Attorney Communication Report/Update: None 

  1. Amendments:None 
  2. General Discussion: Road budget: There should be money available to work on roads, would like to find the balance in these 2 road funds to finish paving. 
  3. Public Input- Compliments on beautification around the village (park and roads). 
  4. 1 Announcements: July 15, 2021, Northwest Invasive Species Network will be doing the presentation on how to eradicate Japanese knotweed at the Homestead Township Hall at 5:30 and then at Honor Village Hall at 7:30pm 
  5. Adjourn- Time 7:17pm, Motion to adjourn the meeting by Leone, 7:17pm, Sternburgh second, 5/0, motion carries. 

Respectfully submitted by Deputy Clerk / Cheri Sessions. 07/14/21