Minutes 6-14-2021

Village of Honor Meeting Minutes  June 14, 2021 

CALL TO ORDER: By President Sandman at 6:00 pm . 

  1. Pledge of Allegiance 
  2. Roll Call: Sandman, Denoyer, Ward, Sternburgh, Naulty, Goodman, Adkins, Sessions. Absent: Leone 
  3. Board/Public Comments on Agenda: None 4. Approval of Agenda: Motion to accept agenda as is by Ward, 2nd by Denoyer. 4/0. 

Agenda approved : 5. Approval of Minutes for 5/10/21. Motion to accept by Sternburgh, 2nd. by Ward 4/0. 

Minutes of 5/10/21 approved. 

  1. Presentations: None 
  2. Guests 
  3. Standing Guest: County Commissioner, Tim Markey. Mr. Markey gave update, 

Still in interview process for County Administrator, Homestead Fire Department is

looking for more help. They will also train them.

Treasurer’s Report/Maryanne Goodman: Banking report: Still working with Clerkbooks. 

Motion by Ward to accept banking report, 2nd by Sternburgh. 4/0 motion passed.

  1. Submission of Bills/Checks/Deb Reed, Bill report discussed; Motion by Ward to pay bills as presented, 2nd by Sternburgh. Roll Call: Sandman: Yes, Denoyer: Yes, Ward: Yes. Sternburgh: Yes, Leone absent. Accepted 4/0. 

Clerk/Treasurer brought up a discussion regarding camera, locks, and building safety: Butch to change office door lock. Butch also to call Fortress Security to get quotes for other building security 10. 


  1. Incoming: Mr. Saffron: Shared with board. Discussion regarding points made in the letter.
  1. Outgoing: None
  2. Old Business: None 
  3. New Business 

ä. Invasive Species. A workshop on Japanese Knotweed, with Northwest Michigan 

Invasive Species Network, will be held on July 15th, 2021 at the Homestead Township Hall at 5:30pm and then the presenters will be here at Honor Village Hall at 7:30 

  1. Strategic plans/BW: Discussion around slowing traffic through the village. With a plan in place, can then apply for grant to help with this or get support from MDOT, etc Ward to call to check on resurfacing plan for M-31. Ward motion to apply to rotary charities for grant for strategic plan, Denoyer 2nd. Ron Call: Sandman: Yes, Denoyer: Yes, Ward: Yes, Sternburgh: Yes, Leone absent, 4/0. Motion passed


Maintenance/Street Administrator/Butch; See reports submitted. Ward motions to approve bids from Ron Brown, pending budget allowance, 2nd by Sandman. Roll Call. Sandman: Yes, Denoyer: Yes, Ward: Yes, Sternburgh: Yes, Leone absent, 4/0 Motion passed. Butch to get quotes for road grating/leveling 

Ordinance Officer Report: None 

Zoning Administrator (Rosemary Naulty): 27 inquiries in last month. 1 land use permit approved, 1 in process. 2 complaints in process Planning Commission will meet at 3:00pm on July 6th, Sandman motion to approve up to $100 for notice in newspaper, 2nd by Ward, Roll Call, Leone absent. 4/0 roll call vote, motion passed, Sandman motion to approve up to $550 for the citizen planning class for 2 new members of planning commission, Ward 2nd. Roll Call. Sandman: Yes, Denoyer: Yes, Ward: Yes, Sternburgh: Yes, Leone absent, 4/0. Motion passed. 

Park Committee: Looks great. 

Sewer Committee: Motion by Ward for $9000 to pay for new pump and labor, 2nd by Sternburgh Roll Call, Sandman: Yes, Denoyer: Yes, Ward:Yes, Sternburgh: Yes, Leone absent, 4/0 roll call vote. Motion passed. 

Budget Committee: None 

Attorney Communication Report/Update: None 13. Amendments: None 14. General Discussion: Discussion regarding debit card for village to make smaller 

purchases. Sandman motions to approve debit card from Honor bank account. 2nd by Ward. Roll Call. Sandman: Yes, Denoyer: Yes, Ward: Yes, Sternburgh: Yes, Leone 

absent, 4/0 roll call vote, Motion passed. 

Discussion regarding humidity in the building. Will try a donated dehumidifier from Durkee. Will reassess whether this solved the problems at next month’s meeting. 

Flower pots; no business has them yet. They can be placed around the building. Platte River Elementary School is emptying out, and being turned over to the road 

commission, with options for community center in talks 15. 

Public input-Kevin and Kristy Kaczan, bought the former At Autobody property in the village. Excited to be in Honor, Annie Browning, lives in Beulah, Introduced herself.

  1. Announcements: None 
  2. Adjourn Ward motion to adjourn, Sterburgh 2nd, 4/0 Motion carried, President 

Sandman adjourn at 7:28 pm. 

Respectfully submitted by Deputy Clerk/Cheri Kay Sessions, 06/14/21