Minutes 6-13-2022

VILLAGE OF HONOR      Regular Council Meeting Minutes

June 13, 2022

Meeting Called to Order by President Sandman at 6:00pm.

Pledge of Allegiance: Recited.

Roll Call:       Council- Denoyer, Sandman, Sternburgh, Ward; Present. Perri; Absent.

Staff- Goodman, Reed, Leone, Durkee, Smith; Present. Sessions; Absent.

Comments on Agenda: None.  Public comment; Dennis Rodzik voiced concern that vehicle lights will swing through the windows of a house near the Homestretch Housing project parking lot when vehicles enter the parking lot at night.

Approval of Agenda: Ward added item b. under Old Business, Resolution #103-22. Motion by Ward/ Sternburgh to approve amended agenda; all ayes, motion passed.

 Approval of Minutes: Motion by Sternburgh/Ward to approve May 9, 2022 Regular Council Meeting minutes as presented; all ayes; motion passed.

 Guests/Presentations: None.

 Zoning Administrator: Rosemary Naulty, reported four new LUP’s, three have already been approved, one she just received. She will contact Jon Stimson at Homestretch regarding their lighting. The Planning Commission will continue working on a Short-term Rental Ordinance.

 County Commissioner/Fire Chief: Tim Markey, verbal report given. There are open dispatch positions.  Animal Control is considering installing an outdoor walking path. BOC offered support to EGLE for True North’s project. They also received a large Brownfield cleanup grant.

Commissioners requested the EDC move forward with broadband program. Markey feels there will be possible grant monies available to help with this matter. Fire Chief Markey reported the new brush truck is back in service after repairs. He has four firefighters finishing fire school, and should be complete in a couple of weeks. They are still very busy with calls.

 Treasurer’s Report: Village financial reports presented by Goodman. Motion by Ward/Sternburgh to accept financial reports.  Roll Call: Ayes; Sandman, Sternburgh, Ward, Denoyer.  Nays; none.  Absent; Perri. Motion passed.

Submission of Bills/Checks: Presented by Reed. Motion to approve by Denoyer/Sternburgh.  Roll Call: Ayes; Sandman, Sternburgh, Ward, Denoyer. Nays; none. Absent; Perri. Motion passed.


Incoming: None.

Outgoing: None.

 Old Business:

  1. Raises for Treasurer and Clerk. Sandman noted raises were discussed and budgeted for, but not voted in. Motion to approve 5% raise for Clerk and Treasurer positions to be retroactive from January 1, 2022 made by Sandman/Sternburgh. Roll Call: Ayes; Ward, Sandman, Denoyer, Sternburgh. Nays; none. Absent; Perri. Motion passed.
  2. Ward updated council that Resolution #103-22 will not be needed and the grant has not been applied for. It was discovered some of the parameters of the grant do not fit the needs of the Village at this time.

New Business:

  1. Council discussed the need for signage at Maley Park reminding residents there are no political signs/banners of any kind allowed on any Village property, including the park. After discussion it was agreed to forego a sign and the village maintenance personnel will police incidents as needed for now.
  2. Motion by Sandman/Ward to hire Brian Smith as part-time maintenance person as $18 per hour. Roll Call: Ayes; Sternburgh, Denoyer, Sandman, Ward. Nays; none. Absent; Perri. Motion passed.


  1. Maintenance Report – Doug Durkee. Written report submitted. Pumps are operating good. Aerators continue to be a problem, and require frequently cleaning. Sewer project is set to begin July 5. Looking into auctioning old plow truck with no minimum bid. They removed many autumn olive bushes at the park, trash cans and port-a-johns are installed for the season. The flower pots have been planted and placed around town.  Many thanks to Steve Stevens for his efforts.
  2. Street Administrator – Doug Durkee. Written report submitted. Cold patching is almost complete. SOS will be cleaning out the storm drain on Riverside Drive. Street cleaning will begin soon. Sidewalks should be cleaned soon.  Link Drive ditches are scheduled to be cleaned out this year.
  3. Ordinance Officer; None. Discussion regarding a Village noise ordinance after multiple complaints. Ward stated the Village is included in Homestead Twp.’s noise ordinance. Clerk will get updated ordinance and enforcement officer information from the Township.
  4. Park Committee – Deb Reed reported the park is looking good and ready for summer.
  5. Sewer Committee – Ward noted the groundbreaking for the Village’s Wastewater Treatment Project is scheduled for July 1, 2022.
  6. Budget Committee; Jeff Sandman, no report.

General Discussion: Sandman noted small claims court hearing for Daugherty delinquent sewer is scheduled for June 27, 2022.

Public Input:  Richard Haan expressed his opinion against any short-term rental regulation.  Treasurer stated a short newsletter will be inserted into tax bills, at a minimal cost to the village. Tim Markey noted he will not be at the July Village Council meeting.

Announcements: None.

Adjournment: Motion by Ward/Sternburgh to adjourn meeting at 6:46pm.  All ayes; motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted by:


June 13, 2022