Minutes 5-9-2022

VILLAGE OF HONOR     Regular Council Meeting Minutes

May 9 2022

Meeting Called to Order by President Sandman at 6:02pm.

Pledge of Allegiance: recited.

Roll Call:         Council- Sandman, Ward, Perri; Present.  Denoyer, Sternburgh; Absent.

Staff- Goodman, Naulty, Reed, Sessions, Leone, Durkee; Present.

Comments on Agenda: None.

Approval of Agenda: Ward requested addition of Old Business item b: Roads.  Clerk added New Business item d: New Hire.  Motion by Ward/ Sandman to approve amended agenda; all ayes, motion passed.

 Approval of Minutes: Motion by Ward/Sandman to approve April 11, 2022 Regular Council Meeting minutes as presented; all ayes; motion passed.

 Guests/Presentations: None.

 Zoning Administrator: Rosemary Naulty, reported one new LUP since last report.  Things are a bit slow.  She’s doing some ongoing work for the approved SLUP for True North project.  She’s been working with residents on cleaning up blight properties.

The Planning Commission will be working on a Short-term Rental Ordinance.

 County Commissioner/Fire Chief: Tim Markey, reported there will be a broadband presentation at the next EDC meeting and also on May 24 at 10am at the Board of Commissioners meeting.  County okayed the Brownfield for True North project.  He reported there will be a significant increase in the jail operating millage, along with quite a few other millages on the August ballot.  County Clerk Dawn Olney is resigning.  School Resource Officer will now be known as School Resource and Youth Officer and will be working year round with our county’s youth.

Chief Markey remind everyone that wildfire season is here and to please be careful and stay safe.  Always check the DNR website before burning.

 Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer reports presented by Goodman.  Motion by Ward/Sandman to accept financial reports.  Roll Call: Ayes; Ward, Sandman, Perri.  Nays; none.  Absent; Denoyer, Sternburgh. Motion passed.

Treasurer noted she will be adding 2021 delinquent sewer charges to 2022 Village taxes.

Submission of Bills/Checks: Presented by Reed.  Motion to approve by Ward/Sandman.  Roll Call: Ayes; Sandman, Ward, Perri.  Nays; none.  Absent; Denoyer, Sternburgh. Motion passed.

Clerk noted she has cancelled the old debit and will have the bank reissue a one.


Incoming: None.   Outgoing: None.

 Old Business:

  1. Adele and Bill passed out fliers for clean up day May 21. He is still looking for volunteers to help with curbside pick-up.
  2. Ward stated Ron Brown & Sons will honor their 2021 proposal prices for road work on two sections of Platte Street. After board discussion, a motion was made by Ward/Sandman to contract Ron Brown & Sons to have the work scheduled, for a total amount of $92,072.00. Roll Call: Ayes; Perri, Sandman, Ward.  Nays; none.  Absent; Denoyer, Sternburgh. Motion passed.

Additional discussion regarding grant monies to help cover the street repairs.  Resolution #103-22 presented by Ward.  Motion by Sandman/Perri to adopt resolution #103-22 *********.  Roll Call: Ayes; Ward, Perri, Sandman.  Nays; none.  Absent; Denoyer, Sternburgh. Motion passed.

New Business:

  1. Ward will work with Sara Kopriva from Beckett Raeder, Inc on completing Honor Village Council By-Laws, and present them to the Council for approval.
  2. Council discussion regarding traffic speeds. Motion by Sandman/Ward to approve the purchase one mobile traffic control light device, up to $3,500.  Roll Call: Ayes; Sandman, Perri, Ward.  Nays; none.  Absent; Denoyer, Sternburgh. Motion passed.
  3. Village was approached by a group inquiring about adding Coast Guard and Space Force flags to the Villages display near the post office. After board discussion, it was agreed there was no interest in pursuing the matter at this time.
  4. After recommendation by the hiring committee, motion by Ward/Sandman to hire Jake Leone starting at $20 per hour, with a 90-day review and possible raise. Insurance paid at 80%. Additional raise upon obtaining his sewer operator license.  Roll Call: Ayes; Ward, Sandman, Perri.  Nays; none.  Absent; Denoyer, Sternburgh. Motion passed


  1. Maintenance Report – Doug Durkee. Written report submitted. Things are running smoothly.  Began receiving holding tank waste from haulers.  Old plow truck was not sold at auction.  He will look into other options for disposal.  He started training Jake and they will be working on brush pick up.
  2. Street Report – Doug Durkee. Written report submitted. Will be working on cold patching and cleanup.
  3. Ordinance Officer; none.
  4. Park Committee – Deb Reed reported the Port-a-Potties have been installed, trash cans should be out later this week. She requested repairs to section near swings where vehicles have been parking and causing damage to grass area.
  5. Sewer Committee – Bill Ward noted Meeting Thursday at 9:30 with Miller Canfield, Gosling -Czubak and USDA Rural Development for signing papers on Wastewater Treatment Project.
  6. Budget Committee; Jeff Sandman, no report.

General Discussion: Clerk will set up village e-mail account for maintenance department.  Raises for office staff discussed, will be placed on June agenda.  Discussion regarding waste hauler charges and village sewer rates, Council will address at a later date.

Public Input:  None

Announcements: The new Platte River Park groundbreaking ceremony will be held on Saturday, May 14 at 10am.

Adjournment: Motion by Sandman/Ward to adjourn meeting at 7:19pm.  All ayes; motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Reed/Goodman May 12, 2022