Minutes 5-10-2021

Village of Honor  May 10, 2021 

CALL TO ORDER Meeting Called to Order at 6:00 pm on Zoom by President Sandman 

  1. Pledge of Allegiance 
  2. Roll Call: Sandman, Sternburgh, Denoyer, Leone, Ward, Goodman, Naulty, Sessions, 

Adkins, Reed. Absent: none 

  1. Board/Public Comments on Agenda: None 
  2. Approval of Agenda Motion to accept agenda made by Leone/Sternburgh. Motion 

carries 5/0.

  1. Approval of Minutes from Regular meeting dated 4/12/21: Motion to accept made by 

Sandman/Sternburgh. Motion carries 5/0, 

6.Presentations: None 

  1. Guests: Pete Kirkwood: Removed from list, probably not available until next year 
  2. Standing Guest: County Commissioner, Tim Markee; Commissioner Markee: 

Update report: County Level: Benzie EMS is in process of getting a new ambulance. Company has been selected, and should have by the beginning of fall. EMS Is also changing the company that they use for billing. County commission is working on a strategic plan, hopefully will be to the board for approval within May. American Rescue Plan Act update: Federal funds will be distributed to each county and township. Federal Treasury has not released guidance on how the money can be used. Fire permits: Seems to be a busy year so far. Construction on US-31 started this morning. The Contractor on the project assures that EMS will be able to get through if needed. National Park Services are doing prescribed burns. Today was the last one scheduled. 

Treasurer’s Report: Bank report submitted by Maryanne Goodman, Motion by 

Ward/Sternburgh to accept the report. Roll call carries 5/0. 

Clerkbooks people are getting things ready for audit. Everything from Jan-April 2021 will need to be redone due to some changes. A difference of $200 is expected. Can do it twice, however it must be done after the audit. Waiting for the audit to be completed. Bank statements are balanced every month. Motion by Ward to approve redoing the Clerkbooks after the audit. Sternburgh in support Motion passed 5/0. 

  1. Discussed invoice from Homestretch: 2% Grant from the Tribe Now have a bill from 

Homestretch for that exact amount. Homestretch applied for the grant, and needed a municipality to receive it. All agree that this is to be paid to Homestretch. 

  1. Township BS&A/tax: There is a software that everyone in the county uses for faxes

Currently, the Honor Treasurer is the only one that goes to the county office to use the spare computer. Homestead Township has this software. Homestead township board has okd for Honor Treasurer to use the computer in their office to complete taxes. There would be no charge to Honor for this. Asking for permission to go into the Homestead office to use it. Ward motion to allow Treasurer to work with township, support Sternburgh, Motion passed 5/0

  1. Sewer Charges: There have been some discrepancies discovered. Last 2 times sewer rates were raised by $3, however commercial rates were prorated, but raised those by only $3 and not their appropriate amount. Question. How should this be fixed? Going forward, send a letter with a clear explanation and then fix the rate. Treasurer is 

trying to get it fixed before the next bills go out on July 9. Submission of Bills/Checks, Deb Reed: Add new bills of Benzie County Road Commission $113,69 and Lawyer for $28 with a total of 141.69 added. Motion to accept and pay bills by Leone/Ward, Roll Call carries 5/0. Motion carried

  1. Correspondence & Incoming Lakeshore GardenUnable to do the village flowers, due to difficulties in business last year

Mr. SaffronLetter was shared to the board 

  1. b. Outgoing: None 
  2. 11. Old Business
  3. a. Flower pots. Let the businesses know that they can request a pot that the village has in storage for the summer and the business will be allowed to take care of it the way they want. 1. Contact the business and ask how many they want. Butch will deliver pots
  4. 2. Business will do what they want Susan will handle contacting the businesses to let them know this

b, Village clean Up/volunteers: Truck to be set aside for this day. Doug Durkee, Bill 

Ward, Butch Adkins, Dennis Sternburgh, Dallas Denoyer and Mike Bailey will be volunteers. Ward and Adele will help deliver notices to the village residents. Will have the notice ready by Wed.

  1. Traffic Control: Radar Sign, device is being used in Thompsonville and has had 

amazing results slowing traffic. Have had conversations with Sheriff. Rosa and Thompsonville. Wondering about purchasing one. Had discussions about crosswalks, blinking lights, decreasing speed limits for safety. Will continue to follow up,

  1. New Business. a. None 
  2. 13. Reports 

Maintenance/Street Administrator Butch Adkins: See Attached report Update on Sewer Administrator Test: Was taken on Friday (May 7, 2021), Will get results in 46 weeks.

Ely Rd. Res# 103-21: Needed to decertify 178 feet of Ely road located between US 31 to driveway of Benzie County Road Commission. This was due to both the county and the village claiming this piece of the road. It was determined that Honor needed to recertify, Resolution # 103-21, Ward/Denoyer moved to pass the resolution, Resolution was read aloud. Roll call, Motion carried 5/0.

Zoning Administrator/Planning Commission; Has received 42 inquiries. O land use permits in progress, 3 blight cases currently being worked on. Jana Goldman, is interested in joining the planning commission. Another woman is also interested in joining and will be met with later this week. Sandman Motion to appoint Jana Goldman to planning commission, Sternburgh second. Roll Call. Motion passed 5/0. Jana Goldman is approved to the planning commission. 

Groundbreaking date for Homestretch is moved to July 1st, 2021 due to equipment issues. 

Ordinance Officer Report: Nothing Park Committee: Asking permission for Mike to run the flea market in the park, Ward/Leone Motion to allow flea market. Motion approved. 

Sandman started a discussion about starting something more formal in regards to renting the pavilion, look at starting this in the fall? Looking at regulations? Would a formal agreement help with liability? 

Sewer Committee: Sandman will send an email to follow up with Gosling Czubak. Looking for progress. 

Budget Committee: nothing 

Attorney Communication Report/Update: $2814. 

Amendments: none 15. 

General Discussion : HARP update; plans have been approved for starting at Indian hill 

road. Some plans need to be approved, ground breaking by late summer hopefully. 16. Public Input Introduced Cheri as Deputy Clerk and what she is doing. Still virtual due to 

Covid numbers, hoping to be live next month, short discussion around numbers. 17. Announcements 18. Adjourn-time: Ward/Leone to adjourn, passed 5/0 at 7:15pm. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:15 pm 

Respectfully submitted by Cheri Kay Sessions, Deputy Clerk, 5/10/21