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Minutes 4-12-2021

VILLAGE OF HONOR Meeting Minutes April 12, 2021

Meeting called to order at 6:00pm by President Sandman

1. Pledge of Allegiance

2. Roll Call: Sandman, Sternburgh, Denoyer, Leone, Ward-Absent, Goodman, Nauity, Adkins, Reed

3. Board/Public Comments on Agenda: none

4. Approval of Agenda: Motion to approve agenda made by Sternburgh/Leone. Motion carries 4/0, Ward absent

5. Approval of Minutes from Regular Meeting dated 3/8/21: Motion to accept made by Sternburgh/Leone. Motion carries 4/0, Ward absent.

 6. Presentations: Pete Kirkwood, not present.

7. Guests: County Commissioner/Fire Chief Tim Markey reported the County is still in the process of hiring staff. They are installing bulletproof glass in some areas of the County building, and also updating the Commissioners meeting room with additional audio/video conferencing technology: SBDNL is preparing to do prescribed burns within Benzie County. Fire Department has ordered a side by side for fire and rescue operations. Markey stated he responded to an illegal burn within the Village limits; and handled the incident. There is no burning allowed in the village.

8. Treasurer’s Report submitted by Maryanne Goodman. Motion by Sandman/Sternburgh to accept the report. Roll call carries 4/0, Ward absent. Treasurer requests funds for publishing reminder ad that delinquent 2020 sewer invoices will be added to 2021 Village Taxes. Approval of $50 for publishing ad made by Sandman/Leone, Roll call carries 3/1, Leone no, Ward absent,

9. Bills/Checks submitted by Deb Reed. Need to increase total by $26.00 for late submitted bill. Motion to pay bills as presented made by Leone/Denoyer. Roll call carries 4/0, Ward absent.

10. Incoming Correspondence: Letter from Mr. Saffron, e-mail from P. Geetings, e-mail from E. Wallin

11, Old Business:  *Village Clean Up, date set as Saturday, May 22, 2021. Volunteers needed to meet at 8:00am, Township clean-up opens at 9:00am: Contact Doug Durkee or Bill Ward to volunteer:

*Discussion regarding how to close off Stacey Alley. Fire Department would rather have a gate that could be opened in case of emergency. Other barriers would be problematic to open/move quickly. Butch will look into costs for gate. Village may use other barriers until a gate can be purchased and installed.

*Portable Toilets are scheduled to be installed on May 1, 2021.

*Discussion regarding the large village flower pots. The Garden Club will not be able to plant/maintain them this year. A couple of residents agreed to take care of this if they could be reimbursed for the materials, they estimated $600. Or do the village businesses take care of them? Discussion regarding the pros and cons of each option, Motion to table item until May meeting made by Leone/Sandman, motion carried 4/0 Ward absent. *Motion by Sternburgh/Denoyer to approve up to $700 to Hometown Decoration and Display for 2021 Winter Holiday decorations. Council agrees that any donations received for this purpose will be used against the $700 charge. Motion carried by roll call:4/0, Ward absent.

*TEDF resolutions for matching funds street improvement grants, Resolution #101-21a; motion by Leone/Sternburgh to approve. Roll call carries 4/0, Ward absent. Resolution #101-21b; motion by Leone/ Sternburgh to approve. Roll call carries 4/0, Ward absent. Resolution #101-21c; motion by Leone/ Sternburgh to approve. Roll call carries 4/0, Ward absent. Resolution #101-21d; motion by Leone/ Sternburgh to approve. Roll call carries 4/0, Ward absent.

*Motion to approve up to $100 for ad for part-time seasonal maintenance person made by Sandman/Denoyer. Roll call motion carries 4/0, Ward absent.

12. New Business:

*Denoyer suggests the Village look into the possibility of a more child-friendly playground within the Village, Some discussion regarding location and costs. Butch will help look into any grant monies available this type of project and report back to the council.

*Discussion regarding a downed tree partially blocking a “tube” near the swimming hole: No consensus as to whether this would be considered public or private property or exactly who owns the tree. Tim Markey stated it’s not a Fire Department issue. Riverside Canoes volunteered to take care of it for safety concerns, but needs to have owner approval. No résolution on this item.

*Butch requests approval of up to $600 to purchase American flags to be installed along the Village streets. Motion by Leone/Denoyer, roll call carries 4/0, Ward absent. *President Sandman presented details of his research into appointment of an Emergency Management Coordinator for the village. After speaking with Rebecca Hubers, Benzie County Emergency Manager, President Sandman feels she would be our best option for this position. The Village needs EMC position filled in order to declare a local state of emergency, thereby having the option to hold any Village meetings virtually until Council deems it safe to meet in person again. Motion made by

Sandman/Leone to appoint Rebecca Hubers Honor Emergency Management Coordinator, Motion carries 4/0, Ward absent.

*Motion by Sandman/Denoyer to approve resolution #102-21 Declaring a Local State of Emergency motion carried 4/0, Ward absent.

12. Reports:

* Maintenance/Street Administrator Butch Adkins submitted a written report. He has scheduled some needed service to pumps on May 12. Receiving station is open for the season. He is scheduled for wastewater operator exam on May 6 (rescheduled from November, due to Covid-19). Changing our water test lab to Trace Labs in Cedar, should save the Village approximately $2,000 per year. Hoping to receive/install the new flags in May. Streets/sidewalks are in good shape, with no recent shows he got an early start on clean up. Asked who is responsible for trees between the streets and sidewalks? There are a few that have dead branches and need attention as a safety matter. Doug Durkee offered to repair the hot water heater,

*Zoning Administrator/Planning Commission, Rosemary Naulty stated she’s had 22 inquiries, and issued 5 new LUP’S. Will contact residents in violation of junk ordinance and remind them to take advantage of the upcoming clean day up on May 22: Planning Commission is in need of two members. Naulty requested funds for ad in paper to solicit interested individuals. Motion by Sandman/Sternburgh to approve up to $100 for a 2-week ad, roll call carries 4/0, Ward absent. * Ordinance Officer-No report

4 * Park Committee, Portable restrooms will be installed May 1, trash cans are out for the season.

* Sewer Committee-No report * Budget Committee-No report

* Attorney Communications-No report

14. Amendments-None

15. General Discussion, Platte River Park is planning to break ground this summer on their first phase of construction, Village will continue to mow Homestretch property to keep it presentable until they can break ground, should be in May.

16. Public Input, Road work will begin May 19th on US-31 between Goose Rd. and Reynolds Road,