Minutes 12-12-2022

VILLAGE OF HONOR Regular Council Meeting Minutes

December 12, 2022

Meeting Called to Order by President Sandman at 6:00pm.

Pledge of Allegiance: Recited.

Roll Call:        Council- Sandman, Ward, Sternburgh, Denoyer, Smith; Present.

Staff- Goodman, Reed, Leone; Present. Sessions; Absent.

Comments on Agenda: Ward requested adding item g under New Business-Jake’s Pay.

Approval of Agenda: Motion by Denoyer/Sternburgh to approve amended agenda; all ayes, motion passed.

 Approval of Minutes: Motion by Ward/Denoyer to approve November 14, 2022 Regular Council Meeting minutes as presented; all ayes; motion passed.

 Guests/Presentations: None.

Zoning Administrator: Rosemary Naulty, absent. Report left with Clerk stated plans for new Shell station are moving forward, expected to begin in April.

Planning Commission: Rosemary Naulty, absent. Master Plan and rewrite of Planning Commission by-laws not presented for approval/adoption.

 County Commissioner/Fire Chief: Tim Markey, absent.

Treasurer’s Report: Village financial reports submitted by treasurer.

Motion by Ward/Sternburgh accept financial reports.  Roll Call: Ayes; Sandman, Sternburgh, Ward, Denoyer, Smith. Nays; none. Motion passed.

 Submission of Bills/Checks: Presented by Deb Reed. Motion by Sternburgh/Ward to approve bills as presented. Roll Call: Ayes; Smith, Denoyer, Ward, Sternburgh, Sandman. Nays; none. Motion passed.



  1. Jeannette Jones letter of resignation from P/C effective 12/31/22.
  2. Report from Rebecca Hubers along with her request to be on February agenda to speak about the Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan.

Outgoing: None.

 Old Business:

  1. Contract, Eclipse Communication. Discussion/decision to continue with Eclipse on a case/case basis without contract for the time being.

 New Business:

  1. Motion to authorize President to sign WWTP draw # 6 in the amount of $12,752.50 made by Sternburgh/Denoyer. Roll Call: Ayes; Sternburgh, Sandman, Denoyer, Smith, Ward. Nays; none. Motion passed.
  2. Clerk presented the Regular Village Council meeting schedule for 2023, noted no conflict with major holidays, all are 2nd Monday of the month at 6:00pm. Motion by Ward/Sternburgh to adopt schedule as presented. All ayes, motion passed.
  3. P/C schedule for 2023 is set and Clerk requests up to $100 to place an ad for new P/C member. Motion for approval by Ward/Smith. Roll Call: Ayes; Sandman, Ward, Smith, Sternburgh, Denoyer. Nays; none. Motion passed.
  4. Resolution #105-22 to reduce REU’s charged to BCRC for the former school building from 19 to three REU’s for current use of building. Motion to accept resolution as presented made by Sandman/Sternburgh. Roll Call: Ayes; Denoyer, Sternburgh, Sandman, Smith, Ward. Nays; none. Motion passed.
  5. Resolution #106-22 to increase the Village of Honor sewer rates to $62.00 per monthly REU. Additionally, the late fee charge will be increased to 5% of the billed amount; and an administration fee of 20% will be assessed on delinquent sewer charges added to property taxes. These charges will be in effect at the first quarter billing of 2023.
  6. Audit: Treasurer will reach out for proposals from qualified audit firms and present them to the council for consideration and possible auditor change.
  7. Motion by Ward/Sternburgh to increase hourly wage for Christian (Jake) Leone by $1.00 per hour. Also, authorize transferring $50.00 phone stipend from Durkee to Leone (no additional expense). Roll Call: Ayes; Sandman, Denoyer, Sternburgh, Smith, Ward. Nays; none. Motion passed.


  1. Maintenance Report – Leone, written report submitted. Sewer system is running smoothly. Ford pickup equipped with new tires. They have pulled trash cans from park and will put tables away soon. Christmas tree has been put up and decorated. Many thanks to Bill Ward and Kathy Bumguard for their efforts-the tree looks great.
  2. Street Administrator – Durkee/Leone, written report submitted. All is quiet for now. Link Drive ditch will have to wait for next year and they will be moving the radar sign to Deadstream Road.
  3. Ordinance Officer – None
  4. Park Committee – Reed, Park looks good
  5. Sewer Committee – Ward, no report
  6. Budget Committee – Sandman, no report.

General Discussion: Discussion and decision to publish Resolution #106-2022. Motion by Sandman/Sternburgh to approve up to $100 to publish Resolution #106-22. Roll Call: Ayes; Smith, Ward, Sandman, Denoyer, Sternburgh. Nays; none. Motion passed.

Council discussion of Homestretch apartments, they still have a couple of openings for residents in the 80% income rate. Village will bill them for two sewer hook-ups and remind them to have our maintenance crew supervisor.

 Public Input: Local business owner stated he’s not happy with the sewer rate increase and questioned how the rates are applied to businesses. Council helped explain the current rate schedule.

Announcements: Coho Festival Christmas Party will be held at the Homestead Twp. Hall on Saturday, Dec. 17 at 2:00pm. Thank you to Bill and Kathy for the Christmas decorations outside the Village offices.

Adjournment: Motion by Ward/Denoyer to adjourn meeting at 7:06pm.  All ayes; motion carried.