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Minutes 11-08-2022

Village of Honor

Regular Council Meeting Minutes November 8, 2022.     Meeting Called to Order by President Sandman at 6:00pm.

Pledge of Allegiance: recited.

Roll Call:        Council – Ward, Sandman, Sternburgh; Present. Denoyer, Leone; Absent Staff – Reed, Goodman, Adkins, Sessions; Present. Naulty; Absent

Comments on Agenda: None

Approval of Agenda: Addition of Old Business item a; RRC status; and New Business item c; Recording Secretary for P/C.

Motion by Sternburgh/Ward to approve amended agenda; all ayes, motion passed. Leone, Denoyer; absent.

Approval of Minutes: Motion by Ward/Sternburgh to approve October 11, 2022 Council minutes as presented; all ayes motion passed. Leone, Denoyer; absent.

Guests: Tim Markey, County Commissioner/Fire Chief gave verbal report. Cow1ty Commission completed all union contracts and is working on Hazard Mitigation Plan with Networks Northwest. Benzie County demographics show population is decreasing while average age is increasing. Continuing work on broadband issue, there is a webinar on Friday, Nov 12, to gather additional information. Health Department has provided additional budget information to commissioners. Fire Department participated in local Trunk-or-Treat, and it was well attended. The new brush truck is currently being built/outfitted and is scheduled to be completed late December. Manistee will be hosting a Fire School and Markey is planning on having two people (possibly four) attend.

Presentations: None

Treasurer’s Report: Written report presented by Goodman. Motion by Ward/Sternburgh to accept report. Roll Call: Ayes; Stemburgh, Ward, Sandman. Nays none; Denoyer, Leone absent; motion passed.

Goodman gave brief update; BS&A software implementation is ahead of schedule. Will work with Council to inquire possible funding match through county for software upgrades.

Submission of Bills/Checks: Presented by Reed, motion to accept by Ward/Sternburgh. Roll Call: Ayes; Sandman, Stemburgh; Ward. Nays none; Denoyer, Leone absent; motion passed.


Incoming: None Outgoing: None

Old Business:

  1. RRC (Recovery Ready Communities). Ward presented Resolution #106-21 agreeing to continue with S. Kopriva from Beckett Raeder will assist with other aspects as needed. Motion to adopt Resolution #106-21 by Sandman/Sternburgh. Roll Call: Ayes; Sandman, Sternburgh, Ward; Nays none; Leone, Denoyer absent; motion passed.

Denoyer arrived at 6:25pm

New Business:

  1. Discussion on how to proceed with delinquent sewer charges on individual out of the village. Treasurer will check with Homestead Twp on possibility of including delinquent sewer charges on Township tax bill. In the meantime, we will send sewer customer certified letter requesting payment. Butch Adkins presented a list of items (5) the Village Public Works Department is in need. The total estimate for these items is between $400-500. A couple of used items were offered to the Village, Butch will check them out and use, if possible, but the council approval is for all the needed items. Motion by Ward/Sternburgh to approve up to $500 for purchase of shop equipment. Roll Call: Ayes; Denoyer, Sternburgh, Ward, Sandman; Nays none; Leone absent; motion passed.
  2. Planning Commission requests the hiring of a Recording After discussion, the Council agreed to the need for a recording secretary. Motion by Ward/Sternburgh to hire Michael Frank Smith to act as Recording Secretary to the Planning Commission with pay to be $40 per meeting. Roll Call: Ayes; Sternburgh, Denoyer, Sandman, Ward; Nays none; Leone absent; motion passed.


  1. Maintenance Report – Butch Adkins, written report Seasonal irrigation is complete. Pumps are in good shape and running well. Windemuller Electric will need to complete repair job Riverside lift station once parts are received. Graham Motors contacted to service the trailer­ mounted generator. Equipment is all in good working order. Still working to get guard rail fence completed and installed at the park. Portable restrooms have been removed for the winter, and the trash cans will be removed this week. Village is expecting holiday decorations to be installed soon.
  2. Street Report – Butch Adkins, written report submitted. Will be requesting budget monies to repave Mill and Platte Streets in Section of sidewalk has been redone along Platte Street and will continue sidewalk repairs as funding allows. Honor Excavating is still busy, but will dig out ditches along Link Drive if time allows. Tree work is being done along Platte Street. The Village’s new security system has been installed and is operational.
  3. Zoning Administrator- Rosemary Naulty/absent, no report
  4. Planning Commission – Rosemary Naulty/absent, no Clerk noted P/C members Goldman and Jones have completed certification
  5. Ordinance Officer – no report
  6. Park Committee – Deb Reed-All good, preparing for winter, see Maintenance
  7. Sewer Committee: Bill Ward-Still working on locating manhole covers as need for survey.
  8. Budget Committee: Jeff Sandman-2022 Budget workshop scheduled for 11 at 10:30am.

General Discussion: none

Public Input: Resident commented on possible labor issues on Homestretch project. Asked for clarification regarding alley closure.

Announcements: Reed stated she is working with Dani Horvath on getting our website updated.

Adjournment: Motion by Ward/Sternburgh to adjourn meeting at 6:59pm. All ayes, Leone absent; motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted by: Reed/Goodman

November 9, 2021