Friday, September 22, 2023

Minutes 10-10-2022

Village of Honor

Minutes October IO. 2022     Meeting Called to Order by President Sandman at 6:00pm.

Pledge of Allegiance: Recited.

Roll Call: Council- Denoyer. Sandman. Perri: Present.

Ward. Stcrnburgh: Absent. Staff- Goodman.

Comments on Agenda:  None.

Approval of Agenda: Motion by Perri/Denoyer to approve agenda: all Ayes. motion passed.

Approval of Minutes: Motion by Sandman/Denoyer to approve September 12. 2022 Regular Council Meeting minutes as presented; all ayes: motion passed.

Guests/Presentations: Paul Olson, Municipal Underwriters of West Michigan the Village insurance policy. Premium increased approximately 5% and the Village has received $4.400 in dividends to date. The increase is primarily) due to the buildings being reevaluated and the new truck. He reminded council their fall grant cycle is open until Nov 30. Paul reviewed coverages and offered a couple of options for the council to consider.  See more under new business.

Zoning Administrator: Rosemary Naulty. reported things arc quie1 and she has no current LUP’s at this time. The True North project has had a setback regarding regulations of’ placement for their tanks. and they are working to resolve the matter.

Planning Commission: Rosemary Naulty reported the P/C is still working \Vith Bcckc11-Raeder on compliance for the RRC designation. Currently working on updating ordinance 41/by-laws and hopes 10 bring recommendations to the council soon. They have also been revising the Village’s Master Plan and short-1cm1 rental policy.

County Commissioner/Fire Chief: Tim Markey reported that Centra Wellness will be assisting with funds for training two deputies to be trained in mental health/social work. which they believe will be beneficial lo 1hc community. The board of commissioners is working on filling committee assignments. Per community survey input. the Board of Commissioners has committed up $10,00.000 of ARPA funds to a Homestretch Housing project in Frankfort. They also promised up 10 $ 120.000 to the Frankfort /Elberta Commu1i1y Land Trust for a shovel­ ready housing project. They have been approached for an $850.000 commitment to help fund a Habitat for Humanity/Graceland fruit partnership for a housing project of 20-60 homes. The county has not agreed to this request as yet. The Homestead Fire Department is up to 280 runs so far this year. They are looking into a new building, and the possibility of grant funding for construc1ion. Denoyer began discussion regarding possibility or an ice rink nearby.

Treasurer’s Report: Village financial reports submitted by treasurers

Motion by Sandman/Perri accept financial reports. Roll Cull: Ayes: Sandman. Denoyer. Perri. ays: none. Absent: Ward. Sternburgh. Motion passcd.

Submission of Bills/Checks: Presented b; Deb Reed. Motion by Denoyer/Sandman to approve bills as presented. including addition of invoice for Radar sign. Roll Call: Sandman. Denoyer. Perri.  Nays; none. Absent; Ward. Stcrnburgh. Motion passed.



  1. E-mail from Hometown Decorations regarding 3-ycar  contract under new business.
  2. E-mail from Bill Ward read aloud by President Ile requests the village develop an ordinance prohibiting any political acli\’ity un village properties. Council  will prepare an ordinance for vote at November meeting.

Outgoing: None.

Old Business:

  1. Contract, Eclipse Commw1icati Tabled for more information.

New Business:

a·.3-ycar contract with Homctown Decorations to lock in current price ($71 per pole) through 2025. Motion by Denoyer/Sandman to authorize signing contract. Roll Call: Ayes: Sandman. Denoyer, Perri. Nays: none. Absent: Ward. Sternburgh. Motion passed.

  1. Regular Village Council meeting in November will begin at 5:00rm to accommodate Andy

Campbell for a presentation on his sewer rate study for the Village as part of the SAW grant. Motion by Sandman/Denoyer to move meeting time and authorize up to$ I 00 for an ad in the local paper notifying residents. Roll Call: Ayes: Perri. Denoyer. Sandman. Nays: none. Absent: Ward. Sternburgh. Motion passed.

  1. Council began discussion of insurance options presented by Paul Olson. One being lowering our deductible from $2500 lo $1000 at a cost of $380 per year. He recommended we consider non-monetary damage coverage al Motion to table decision until additional information is received and the full board is preset to discuss/vote made by Sandman/Denoyer. All ayes. motion passed.


  1. Maintenance Report – Durkee/ written repo1t submitted by Durkee. Wastewater construction project is proceeding well. They will be preparing, illage vehicles for winter use.
  2. Street Administrator – Durkee/Leone. written report submitted by Platte and Mill Street paving projects have been completed and he is satisfied with the results. They will be working on edging sidewalks as weather allows. Link Drive ditch is still scht:duled to be cleaned out this year. Radar sign has been working well: they will look to move it 10 another area in the village soon.
  3. Ordinance Officer – no report
  4. Park Commi1tee Park is looking good. port-a-potties will stay in park until end or October.
  5. Sewer Committee – no report.
  6. Budget Committee – no report.

General Discussion:

 Public Input: Resident inquired who to contact regarding the state of Scenic Drive and was directed to the BCRC. Some discussion was had regarding the current True North site.

Announcements: None.

Adjournment: Motion hy Denoyer/ Sandman to aJjourn mei::ting at 7:l 7pm. All ayes: motion can-ied.


Respectfully Submitted by:  Reed/Goodman October 11, 2022