Minutes 09-12-2022


Regular Council Meeting Minutes September 12. 2022      Meeting Called to Order by President Sandman at 6:00pm.

Pledge of Allegiance: Recited.

Roll Call: Council- Denoyer. Sandman, Stemburgh. Ward: Present. Perri: Absent (arrived at

6:10 pm). Staff- Reed; Present. Goodman. Sessions. Leone; Absent. Session arrived at 6: I5 pm.

Comments on Agenda: None.

Approval of Agenda: Motion by Ward/Stemburgh to approve agenda; all ayes. motion passed.

Approval of Minutes: Motion by Ward/Stcmburgh to approve August 8. 2022 Regular Council Meeting minutes as presented: all ayes; motion pa sed.

Guests/Presentations: Clu:is/Eclipse Communications presented their proposal for IT work in the Village, mostly pertaining to security. He fielded questions from both the board and the public regarding specifics of their estimate. There was also discussion pertaining to contracting with Eclipse on a yearly basis. that decision was put off for now. Perri arrived approximately 6: 11. Motion by Ward/Sternburg to approve work per Eclipse estimate# I 297 for $4,722.94. Roll Call: Ayes; Perri, Stemburgh, Sandman. Ward, Denoyer. Nays; none. Motion passed.

Zoning Administrator: Rosemary Naulty. reported things are quiet and she has nothing new pending at thi time. She is still working with two residents 10 resolve complaints.

Planning Commission: Rosemary Naulty reported the P/C is working with Beckett-Raeder on updates to the Master Plan needed for the RRC designation. There has been discussions regarding short-term-rentals and whether the Village follows Homestead Township’s ordinance on this matter.

County Commissioner/Fire Chief: Tim Markey. absent. He e-mailed a response read by the Clerk. Commissioners appointed Paul Beechraft 10 fill term vacated by Mick. County ARPA survey is showing top ranked issues so far are affordable housing. broadband and childcare.

Treasurers Report: Village financial repo11s.

Motion by Stemburgh/Ward to accept financial reports. Roll Call: Ayes: Sandman, Stemburgh. Ward, Denoyer. Perri.   Nays: none. Motion passed.

Submission of Bills/Checks: Presented by Deb Reed. Motion by Ward/Stcmburgh to approve b1lls as presented. Roll Call: Ayes; Sandman, Sternburgh. Ward. Denoyer. Perri. Nays; none. Motion passed.



  1. Lener from Benzie County Road Commission requesting reduction of the CU1Ten1 sewer rate on the former Platte River School building si11ce it is vacant at the present Motion by Ward/Sternburgh to decrease the sewer rate of the former school building to match the current BCRC rate. Roll Call: Ayes; Ward. Sandman. Perri. Denoyer. Stemburgh. Nays; none. Motion passed. Ward will contact Matt Skeels at

BCRC regarding option of possible shut off of the sewer. or agreeing to pay the same charges as their current building.

  1. Clerk shared phone message received complimenting the flags throughout the Village. from Coldwell Banker thought it looked wonderful and very patriotic.

Outgoing: None.

Old Business:   None.

New Business:

  1. Council discussed Ordinance Motion by Ward/Sandman to strike# I 05, sections A & B. regarding Members, Appointment and Terms. Roll Call: Ayes: Ward. Perri. Sandman. Denoyer.

Stern burgh. Nays; none. Motion passed. Nays: none. Motion passed

  1. Approval of USDA form 440-11 draw request #3 (Wastewater Treatment Construction Project) Motion by Ward/Denoyer to approve President signing/submission of USDA fon11 440- 11 draw RoU Call: Ayes: Sternburgh, Denoyer, Sandman. Perri. Ward. Nays: none. Motion passed.
  2. Authorization to approve President Sandman to sign the SAW disbursement request #3 as

presented. Motion by Ward/Denoyer to approve President signing/submission of USDA fo1m 440-11 draw request. Roll Call: Ayes; Stcmburgh. Denoyer. Sandman. Perri. Ward. Nays; none. Motion passed.


  1. Maintenance Report – Durkee/Leone, written response submitted. Construction is proceeding on the WTP. The televising of Village sewer lines is completed. Masey Ferguson contractor is in need of clutch repairs. Park has been graded. and sidewalk edging has begun. Village looks good.
  2. Street Admi11istrator Durkee/Leone. written response submitted. Cold patching completed. Paving repairs to Platte and Mill Streets to begin September 19th New whcelchair signs have been installed.
  3. Ordinance Officer – no report.
  4. Park Committee – Reed, Park is looking good, port-a-potties will stay in park until end of October. Farmers Market is closed for the season.
  5. Sewer Committee – no report.
  6. Budget Committee – no report.

General Discussion: Discussed Village holiday decorations. Arc we on schedule with company from last year? Clerk will check. and if not. will research options. A motion was made by Sandman/Ward to authorize Village commitment up to 1,000 for holiday decorations. Roll Call: Ayes; Sternburgh, Denoyer, Perri. Ward. Sandman. Nays: none. \-1otion passed.

Durkee advised the apartments are still on track to be complete in November. Also discussed the need for 2-hour parking signs on Mill Street.

Denoyer suggested we budget for repaving and lining the Village public parking lot next year if possible.

Public Input: Resident inquired where she could see the Village ordinances, was advised she can come into the office and see the Clerk.

Announcements: None.

Adjournment: Motion by Sternburgh/Ward to adjourn meeting at 7:32pm. All ayes: motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Reed    September 13, 2022