Meeting Minutes 12-13-2021

VILLAGE OF HONOR       Regular Council Meeting Minutes       December 13, 2021


Meeting Called to Order by President Pro-Tem Ward at 6:00pm.

Pledge of Allegiance: recited.

Roll Call:       Council – Denoyer, Leone, Sternburgh, Ward; Present.

Sandman; Excused/Absent.

Staff – Goodman, Naulty, Reed, Sessions, Adkins; Present.

Comments on Agenda: None

Approval of Agenda:  Motion by Sternburgh/Ward to approve agenda as presented; all ayes, Sandman; absent.  Motion passed.

 Approval of Minutes: Motion by Sternburgh/Ward to approve November 8, 2021 Council minutes as presented; all ayes, Sandman; absent.  Motion passed.

Guests: Tim Markey, County Commissioner/Fire Chief gave verbal report.  Merit is conducting a survey (The Michigan Moonshot) on behalf of Benzie County.  All residents are encouraged to participate in this survey.  The County Sheriff has the jail and road patrols sufficiently staffed.  Benzie County is still in need of dispatchers.

Fire Department is up to 364 runs for the year, passing the former record of 320 per year.  They have been busy with roll-over accidents with the recent icy weather.  The new brush truck should be ready in early 2022.  Chief Markey also reported he has four new firefighters going into training.

Presentations:  Benzie Bus-moved to later in meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: Written report presented by Goodman.  Motion by Sternburgh/Denoyer to accept report.  Roll Call: Ayes; Leone, Denoyer, Sternburgh, Ward.  Nays; none; Sandman absent; motion passed.

Budget Amendment:  The Village budgeted General Fund spending of $112,450 for 2021and have spent $140,985.17 to date.  Motion by Leone/Sternburgh to approve budget amendment as presented.   Roll Call: Ayes; Denoyer, Ward, Sternburgh, Leone.  Nays; none; Sandman absent; motion passed.

 Submission of Bills/Checks: Presented by Reed, motion to accept by Ward/Leone.  Roll Call: Ayes; Sternburgh, Ward, Denoyer, Leone. Nays none; Sandman absent; motion passed.


Incoming:  a. Ward reported a FOIA request for Policy & Procedures manual

  1. Letter received from Harold W. Saffron dated 11/19/2021.

Outgoing: None

Old Business:

  1. Host Computer and accessories needed for BS&A upgrades. Motion by Ward/Denoyer to approve up to $2,500 for necessary computer equipment purchase and installation by Dustin.

Roll Call: Ayes; Leone, Denoyer, Sternburgh, Ward.  Nays; none; Sandman absent; motion passed

New Business:

  1. Denoyer initiated discussion to update office lighting to LED, various options were suggested and it was decided for Butch to get quotes prior to any decision.
  2. Denoyer suggested the Village look into a new information kiosk in the front of the building. He would like to see a larger one with a roof structure. After council discussion, Denoyer will look into estimates for renovations.
  3. Request by Steve Stephens to take over maintaining seasonal flower pots for the Village. There was brief discussion by the Council. Motion by Ward/Leone to approve up to $500 in 2022 for flowers and soil as needed. Roll Call: Ayes; Leone, Ward, Sternburgh, Denoyer. Nays none; Sandman absent; motion passed.
  4. Planning Commission recommendation to amend Homestretch PUD. Need to change roof design due to Consumers easement. Motion by Ward/Sternburgh at approve P/C recommendation and allow amendment to PUD.  All ayes; No nays; Sandman absent. Motion passed.


  1. Maintenance Report – Butch Adkins, written report submitted.

He has been busy with pump clogging issues at the Riverside lift station; pump may need new cutting blades.  Also dealt with high-water alarm at Ely Rd. station.

Christmas decoration are up and working.  Nye replaced blower motor on the office furnace.

  1. Street Report – Butch Adkins, written report submitted. He had to have the plow truck repaired and also the plow on the dump truck.
  2. Zoning Administrator – Rosemary Naulty, verbal report. No current permits. She is working on junk/nuisance issues on Main Street property.
  3. Planning Commission – Rosemary Naulty reported the P/C has set their meeting schedule for 2022; first Monday each month at 3:00pm, unless there is a conflict with a holiday.
  4. Ordinance Officer; none.
  5. Park Committee – Deb Reed, no report.
  6. Sewer Committee; Bill Ward, USDA sewer budget submitted by Gosling/Czubak and approved in budget meeting.
  7. Budget Committee; Jeff Sandman, no report.

General Discussion: Council discussed possible playground, including equipment and flooring options and pricing.  They also sought suggestions for financing and help with possible grant writing.

Presentation: Jessica Carland gave an update on the Benzie Bus;

They now have a 3-season trolley, and approximately 90% of their fleet is now propane hybrid vehicles. Benzie Bus was awarded $535,000 grant for electric vehicles. TC Express service has been relaunched at a lower cost to riders (now $4 one-way). Coming in 2022—Health Rides, more personalized door-to-door rides for $15.

Public Input:  None

Announcements: None

Adjournment: Motion by Leone/Ward to adjourn meeting at 7:16pm.  All ayes, Sandman absent; motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted by: