Minutes 3-8-2021

Village of Honor  Minutes   March 8,2021

Zoom meeting called to order

1. Pledge of Allegiance
2. Roll Call: Sandman, Ward, Sternburgh, Leone, Denoyer, Naulty, Adkins present
3. Board/Public Comments on Agenda: none
4. Approval of Agenda: Motion made to approve agenda as amended by Ward,
second Sternburgh. Motion carries 5/0
5. Approval of Minutes from Regular Meeting dated 2/8/21
Motion to accept by Leone, second Denoyer. Motion passes 5/0
Approval of Minutes from Special Meeting dated 2/24/21
Motion to accept by Ward, second Leone. Motion passes 5/0
6. Presentations-none

7. Guests-Jon Stimson, Annie Browning, Bruce Wilde, Shannon and Julie Purchase
Standing Guest-County Commissioner/ Fire Chief Tim Markey Commissioner Markey shares that Benzie County is in the process of replacing Administrators after recent resignations and working to update the strategic plan. Chief Markey announces that the March tradition of Sunday pancake breakfasts continues and that curb service is available by phoning 325-4175. Also, the Fire Dept. has had more than the average
number of medical calls.

8. Treasurer’s Report -Maryanne Goodman states that Clerk books has not yet been closed this month. The report submitted was accepted on a roll Call vote 5/0. She asks for recommendations to account for the $32,000 grant from The Grand Traverse Band earmarked for Homestretch Housing . Advised by President Sandman to deposit the check and pay it out as invoiced by Jon Stimson as work on the project is completed. Sandman will inquire with the GTB as to grant reporting requirements.
9. Submission of Bills and Checks-Deb Reed stated need to add an expense of $122 that arrived in today’s mail. Motion to pay listed bills made by Sternburgh, second by Leone. Roll call vote carries 5/0
10. Correspondence -Incoming-Letter from Mr. Saffron, Phone call and email from
Attorney Tom Grier revising Homestretch purchase offer for Village owned lot.

11. Old Business -Board welcomes the re-engagement of Rosemary Naulty.
12. New Business:

a. Resolution to support Trans Economic Dev. Fund presented by Adkins. Matching
funds up to $250,000 may be available. More data needed for a resolution. Adkins will pursue documentation to apply based on available matching funds for fiscal year 2022.
b. Dog Waste Station-Adkins given permission to remove dog waste collection station on Henry Street citing misuse and difficulty maintaining it.
c. Website-Sandman will monitor and edit as needed in cooperation with Dani Horvath.
d. Spring Clean-up -Reed will contact Homestead Twp. for scheduled date
e. Resolution 100-21 -To accept Planned Unit Development plan #19150 submitted by Homestretch Housing on Feb. 12, 2021. Motion to pass resolution made by Ward, second Sternburgh. Roll Call vote Ayes: Ward, Sternburgh, Leone and Sandman. Nays-Denoyer. Motion carries 4/1
A motion was made by Ward, second by Leone, to accept the purchase offer of $12,400 for the Village lot to be used for parking for the Homestretch townhouses. Closing costs to be split between purchaser and seller. Roll call Ayes: Ward, Sternburgh, Leone and Sandman. Nays-Denoyer. Motion carries 4/1

Maintenance/ Street Administrator:
Adkins presents reports and tells of the decertification of the section of Ely Rd. that is maintained by the County Road Commission. He presented a list of goals he will be working to accomplish and would like to plant wildflowers adjacent to the “Honor Rocks”. Motion made by Ward, second by Leone to spend up to $50 for wildflower seeds. Roll call carries 5/0.

Motion by Ward second Denoyer to spend up to $180 for new fittings to secure American Flags to utility poles. Roll call carries 5/0.
Leone moves to allow Sandman to engage services of a well driller. Second by Sternburgh. Motion carries 5/0
Zoning Administrator/ Planning Commission:
Naulty shares that there have been three inquires for land use permits.
Park Committe:
Reed comments on requests to return Port-a-potties to Maley Park. Consensus is to wait another month to see if more winter weather is coming.
Attorney Communications -Details under “Correspondence”
14. Amendments

General Discussion
15. Public Input – Annie Browning shares that she is currently on the board for the Village of Beulah and thanks us for allowing her to observe our meetings.
16. Announcements
17. Adjourn – Motion to adjourn made by Ward, second Leone. Motion carries 5/0 Meeting adjourned at 7:37 pm

Respectfully submitted by Debra Reed 3/8/2021