Saturday, September 23, 2023

Minutes 2-08-2021

Village of Honor Regular Meeting Minutes  Feb. 8, 2021

Zoom Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm

  1. Pledge of Allegiance: led by President Jeff Sandman
  2. Roll Call by Madame Clerk Debra President Jeff Sandman ,Trustees Bill Ward, Dennis Sternburgh, Susan Leone, Dallas Denoyer, Treasurer Maryanne Goodman, present.
  3. Guests Recognized: Connected via telephone or internet were, Doug Durkee, Tim Markey, Ann Browning, Dick and Mary Haan, Dani Horvath and Diane Alford
  4. Approval of Agenda: Ward moves to accept agenda as amended. Second by Leone Motion carries 5/0.
  • Approval of Minutes from Jan 11, Motion by Sternburgh, Ward seconds. Motion carries 5/0

III.   Presentations: Tim Markey shares that Benzie County building is now open to the public but appointments are recommended.  A search has been commissioned for a replacement County Administrator. A meeting will be held on the County’s Strategic Plan at the County building at 9:00 am Feb. 10. Homestead Twp. Fire Dept. will be acquiring a trailer and tracks for the new ATV mentioned at last month’s meeting. .

Public input – Diane Alford asked if the Village Council had any input into her plan to retail baked goods in the building next to Jim’s Joint. Her plan was greeted with enthusiasm.

Treasurers Report- Motion to accept made by Leone, Second by Sternburgh. Roll call vote passes 5/0

  • Old Business
  1. Sandman gives details of search to find a replacement Zoning Administrator. There were two responses to the A motion was made by Ward, second by Leone, to hire the candidate selected after a Zoom meeting with the Planning/Zoning Board at their requested rate of $70 per hour. Roll Call vote carries 5/0. Sandman will make effort to post zoning regulations on the Village website and to field calls that do not require answers from a Zoning Administrator.
  2. Honor Bank drive through- Denoyer suggests asking bank officials to reverse the flow of traffic through the bank drive through to eliminate problems with Sandman will follow up with request to bank officials.
  • New Business
  1. Ward volunteers to seek information concerning placement of speed warning devices along Main I US 31
  2. Denoyer request that signs warning of Deaf Child be placed at both ends of the alley running north of Main between Henry and Mill Streets. Council agrees and Strret Administrator will purchase and install.
  • Reports:

Maintenance/Street administrator- Presented by Butch Adkins.

Zoning Administrator/ Planning Commission- Covered under Old Business

Park Committee-Adkins reports park access has been plowed and is accessible for use.

  1. Bills/Checks- Clerk Reed adds $5,000 bill submitted by Honor Excavating for work performed in December. Ward motions to pay bills as amended, second by Roll call carries 5/0.
  2. General discussion- Denoyer questions need for parking lot to be purchased by Homestretch Housing. He feels that Village property could be used differently for development.
  3. Public Input- MaryAnne Goodman suggest that we should publish a Village Newsletter as has been done in the past and offers to help do Ward and Adkins agree to contribute.
  • Correspondence- Letters from Harold Saffron. Two letters of application for the position of Deputy Sandman will seek input from Reed to make the hiring decision.
  • Adjourn- Motion made by Leone, second by Denoyer, carries 5/0. Meeting adjourned at 7:34pm

Respectfully submitted by Debra Reed 2/8/2021