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Meeting Minutes 1-11-2021


Village of Honor       Regular Meeting Minutes       Jan. 11, 2021    Zoom meeting called to order at 6:00 pm.

  1. Pledge of Allegiance: led by President Jeff Sandman

  1. Roll Call by Madame Clerk Debra Reed. President Jeff Sandman ,Trustees Bill Ward, Dennis Sternburgh, Susan Leone, Dallas Denoyer, Treasurer Maryanne Goodman, Rosemary Nault present.

  1. Guests Recognized: Connected via telephone or internet were Doug Durkee, Jon Stinson, Tim Markey and Annie Browning.

  1. Approval of Agenda: Leone moves to accept agenda as amended. Second by Ward. Motion carries 5/0. Approval of Minutes from Regular Meeting Dec. 14,, 2020. Motion

  1. Approval of Minutes from Budget Meeting Dec. 14,, 2020. Motion by Ward, Denoyer seconds. Motion carries 5/0

Approval of Minutes from Regular Meeting Dec. 14,, 2020. Motion by Sternburgh, second by Leone

  1. Presentations: None

  2. Public input none

V I · Treasurers Report– Presented by Mary Goodman. Motion to accept made by Ward, second Sternburgh, Roll call vote passes 5/0

  1. Old Business: Transfer of Village to Homestretch Housing for parking. Ward shares opinion of Tom Loganbach, Benzie County assessor that the lot has a value of $12,400. Discussion of options by Leone and Stinson. Motion made by Ward, second by Leone to sell the lot to Homestretch for that sum with contingency that it revert back to the Village if it is not used for parking by Homestretch Housing. A contract will be drawn up by Attorney Lane Plamondon. Roll call vote carries 4/1 with Denoyer opposing.

  1. New Business:

  1. Denoyer states the desirability of using the former Platte River Elementary school as a civic center. Ward shares the past efforts of the Advocates For Benzie County task force in efforts to use the property as community center and shares the possibility of working with Benzie County Road Commission to use a portion of the property for that purpose.
  1. Accounting assistanceClerk Reed suggests engaging an accounting firm to assistsist with 94ls, taxes and IRS forms. She will get estimates of costs for these services. President Sandman offers to use his experience to help which may solve the need for outside assistance.

  2. Deputy Clerk -Clerk Reed notes that the Village needs a Deputy Clerk and recommends a candidate. Consensus of the meeting is that an ad should be placed seeking applicants and $250 dollars was approved for this and an ad for replacement members of the Planning and Zoning Board.

  3. Sewer Bill Late Fees-Treasurer Goodman clarifies that sewer bills will be credited by the date of their postmarks. Council agrees.

  4. RoadsWard reports on a conversation with Scott Brown regarding mild winter conditions and a possible early spring allowing for paving projects. He asks for report of Local and Major road fund balances and for all present to consider which roads take priority for repaving.

  1. Reports:

Maintenance/Street administratorButch Adkins presents. He has found replacement for the broken plastic holders and notes that several of our flags are in need of replacement. Ward mentions that Sharron Osborne arranged for the original purchase and has returned some under warranty. Adkins will contact her to check status.He also spoke of an offer to purchase the non-running Gravely tractor for $300 that had been made by a contractor. for $300. Motion made by Ward second by Sternburgh to accept offer. Motion carries 5/0 by roll call vote.

Zoning Administrator/ Planning Commission- Rosemary Naulty tendered her resignation (see Correspondence). Council members thanked her for her service. She also shared that there have been 8 inquiries but no requests for land use permits. Doug Durkee verified that the sewer hook up to the new mobile home on Cedar St. is correct.

Park Committee- Coho Committee has removed the Christmas tree from Maley Park but one string of lights remain on the pavilion.

Sewer Committee Sandman reports that ROW certification has been completed. Ward said that Year-end Sewer report will be filed with the USDA on Tuesday.

  1. Bills/Checks- Leone Motions to pay bills as presented, second by Ward. Roll call carries 5/0.


  1. General discussion- Leone shares that the Lake Shore Garden Club will not be maintaining the Village flower boxes this year but Steve Smith and another individual have volunteered for the work. The Village has contributed up to $500 in the past and would pay for flowers and materials when the time arrives.

  1. Public Input- Fire Chief Markey is our new County Commissioner for Homestead Twp. and has attended an orientation for newly elected officials. He also shared that the fire department has received a donation of “a couple of hundred grand” that will be used to purchase a wild land brush truck and a side-by-side UTV for fighting wild land fires. An old engine has been sold.

  1. Correspondence- Letters from Teri Corner and Rosemary Naulty resigning from the Village Planning/Zoning Board. Letter from Jim Dulzo stating that he will be taking over J.L. Stephan Co. PC upon the retirement of Jerry Stephan. Letter from Harold Saffron incorrectly asserting there was an error on the November ballot concerning term lengths for the two Village Council members. FOIA request for documents relating to written requests for information relating to marijuana regulations made by Andrea Nelson of Honigman LLP in Lansing. A response was sent by email and USPS.

  1. Adjourn- Motion made by Leone, second by Sternburgh carries 5/0. Meeting adjourned at 7:20pm

Respectfully submitted by Debra Reed 1/11/2021