Budget Meeting Minutes 12/14/2020

Village of Honor    Budget Meeting Minutes 

Dec. 14, 2020     Zoom Meeting called to order at 5:30 pm

A. Pledge of Allegiance: led by President Jeff Sandman

Roll Call by Madame Clerk Debra Reed. President Jeff Sandman ,Trustees Bill Ward, Dennis Sternburgh,  Susan Leone, Dallas Denoyer, Treasurer Maryanne Goodman, Rosemary Naulty present.  

 Connected guests included Bruce Wilde and Doug Durkee

Approval of Agenda:  Leone moves to accept agenda as amended. Second by Sternburgh.   Motion carries 5/0.

2021 Proposed Budget – Leone questions the increase allocated for Public Works proposed for 2021. Ward explains the amount is not much more that last year but is being assigned to the proper category as Treasurer integrates our accounts to reflect correct State assigned numbers for accounting.  Motion to accept Proposed 2021 Budget made by Ward, seconded by Sternburgh. Roll call vote carries 5/0

Amendments – Year end amendments to 2020 budget reflect spending of $47,366.92 on Major Roads. The proposed budgeted expense was $42,275. Sewer expenditures budgeted for $190,000 were actually $208,830.44. Budget Amendments were passed by roll call vote 5/0.

IV.Public Input- Doug Durkee thanks budget committee for their work

V. Adjourn- Motion to adjourn made by Sternburgh,  Leone seconds. Motion carries 5/0. Meeting adjourned at 5:48 pm

Respectfully submitted by Debra Reed 12/14/2020