Minutes 10-12-2020

Village of HonorMinutes-  Oct. 12, 2020

Meeting called to order at 6:04 pm

A. Pledge of Allegiance: led by President Ward

Roll Call by Madame Clerk Debra Reed. Trustees Doug Durkee, Dennis Sternburgh,  Susan Leone, Treasurer Maryanne Goodman and President Ward present.  Rick Fast Absent 

CGuests Recognized: There were nine guests in attendance.

Approval of Agenda:  Durkee moves to accept agenda as amended. Second by Sternburgh.   Motion carries 4/0.

 Approval of Minutes from Sept. 14, 2020. Tabled, minutes unavailable  

Presentations:  Matt Biolette of Republic Waste Services. Motion to approve  five year contract renewal made by Ward, second by Leone. Roll call vote carries 4/0

Public input – none

Treasurers Report- Motion to accept Treasurer’s report presented by Mary Goodman made by Durkee, Second by Sternburgh Motion carries 4/0             

VI. Old Business:

 Resolution 108-20 Redevelopment Ready Communities Village commits to support staff efforts to become part of the RRC program. Motion to pass resolution made by Leone Second by Sternburgh. Motion carries 4/0 

Payment in Lieu Of Taxes (PILOT) Ordinance 48 allows Homestretch Nonprofit Housing Corporation to pay 6% of annual Shelter Rents for the proposed Honor Village Apartments for 15 years in lieu of all ad velorum property taxes. Motion to pass said ordinance made by Ward, second by Sternburg. Roll call- ayes: Ward, Durkee, Sternburg. Nays: Leone Motion carries 3/1

New Business: None

VIII. Reports:

Maintenance/Street administrator- Presented by Butch Adkins .

Zoning/Planning – Rosemary Naulty states that three Land Use permits have been approved. Problem still exists with two incidents of nuisance vehicles.

Park Committee – Maley Park booked for Oct. 24 10 am – 2pm by Carol Bear. Deb Reed will mail the resolution banning political signs to Ms. Bear.

Attorney Communication Report – Ward phoned Tom Grier on Oct. 6 to clarify language of the PILOT Ordinance. Mr Grier replied by email on Oct. 8 with revised ordinance

IX. Bills/ Checks – Doug motions to accept report as presented, Sternburg seconds. Roll call vote, motion carries 4/0. 

X. Amendments – none

General Discussion – Durkee questions when term of office ends post election and states that he will gladly serve as a public member of the Sewer Committee when his term on Village Council expires. Leone notes ceiling leak and discussion to repair follows.

Public Input- Rosemary Naulty cites the multiple ways the public has been notified of the Zoning Meetings scheduled for Oct. 15 at 6 & 7pm and questions the need for further outreach. Consensus is that she has made every necessary effort to publicize the meeting. Carrie Corey discusses plans for her Main Street properties which will include two 2 bedroom apartments.

Correspondence – Email from Greg Imerman seeking information about Irvin, Harold, Sylvia and Ruth Imerman in the Village in the early 1900’s. .

XIV.  Adjourn- Motion to adjourn made by Sternburgh, Leone seconds. Motion carries 4/0. Meeting adjourned at 7:27pm.

Respectfully submitted by Debra Reed 10/13//2020