Minutes 9-14-2020


Village of Honor    Minutes     Sept 14, 2020

Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm

  1. Pledge of Allegiance: led by President Ward

Roll Call by Madame Clerk Debra Reed. Trustees Doug Durkee, Dennis Sternburgh, Rick Fast, Susan Leone, Treasurer Maryanne Goodman and President Ward present

  1. C. Guests Recognized: Adele Maher, Sherry Taylor, Annie Browning, Joe Perri, Jeffie Lynch-Jones and Lisa Holmes.

Approval of Agenda:  Durkee moves to accept agenda as amended. Second by Fast.

Motion carries 5/0.

  1. Approval of Minutes from Aug.10, 2020. One typo corrected.  Motion to approve minutes as corrected made by Leone, Sternburgh seconds.  Minutes  approved  5/0

Presentations:  Lisa Holmes shares information on problems with speeding traffic and suggests adding speed limit signs as a possible solution. Discussion follows and Council agrees to place additional signs on Deadstream Rd. and Riverside Dr.

Public input – none

Treasurers Report-

Motion to accept Treasurer’s report presented by Mary Goodman made by Ward,

second by Fast. Motion carries 5/0

  1. Old Business:
  2. Resolution 105-20 to add Maryanne Goodman as a signatory and remove Jeanne McPherson from the Village accounts at the Honor Bank. Motion to accept made by Fast, second by Sternburgh. Motion carries 5/0

Resolution 106-2. As a second signatory from Village Council is required, a motion was made by Leone to add Dennis Sternburg as a signatory to the Village account at the Honor Bank and remove Rick Fast. Second by Ward. Motion carries 4/0 with Sternburgh abstaining.

New Business: A motion was made by Leone, second by Durkee to accept Resolution 107-20  banning the posting of political signage of any kind in Maley Park. Motion passed 5/0

VIII. Reports:

Maintenance/Street administrator- Read by Doug Durkee. Adkins not able to attend .

Zoning/Planning – RoseMary Naulty states that four zoning complaints have been resolved and one building permit has been approved . She continues to try to reach the owners of two properties with illegally stored vehicles.

Park Committee – Deb Reed had responded to one complaint concerning the Porta-potties. Kenjak responded quickly to remedy the issue.

Sewer Committee – See Attorney Communication Report

Attorney Communication Report – Ward had phone calls with Tom Grier on Sept. 10 and 11 concerning certification of the Village Right-of-Ways for all of the properties used for waste water treatment.  A new title search was recommended and approved. The cost of all related legal services will be considered as part of the Village’s contribution to the project from funds already allocated for that purpose.

  1. Bills/ Checks – Fast motions to accept report as presented, Leone seconds. Roll call vote, motion carries 5/0.
  2. Amendments – none

General Discussion – Durkee reiterates the need to provide more speed limit signs

XII. Public Input- Sherrie Taylor details news from Benzie County government including:  The completion of a 5 Year Capital Improvement plan, available funds for roof repairs and winterizing for income qualified residents, flu shots will given at the VA and the Health Dept. will be providing drive-up Covid 19 testing to anyone experiencing symptoms.


A Freedom of Information request was received from Donna Pendergast asking for “All records or written, correspondences or other materials …regarding the properties at 10871 Main St.” and adjacent properties on Henry St., Stacey Alley, and Cedar St. and “All communications or correspondences” between named members of Honor Village Government and Homestretch, Homestretch Nonprofit Housing, Jon Stimpson, Doug Mansfield and Mansfield Land Use Consulting as well as “All council minutes pertaining to the above referenced properties…”.

XIV.  Adjourn- Motion to adjourn made by Fast,  Durkee seconds. Motion carries 5/0. Meeting adjourned at 6:48 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Debra Reed 9/15//2020