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Minutes 8-10-2020

Village of Honor     Minutes      August 10, 2020

Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm

Pledge of Allegiance: led by President Ward

Roll Call by Madame Clerk Debra Reed. Trustees Doug Durkee and Dennis Sternburgh, Rick Fast, Susan Leone and present President Ward present

Guests Recognized: Adele Maher, Sherry Taylor, Annie Browning, Maryanne Goodman

Approval of Agenda: Leone moves to accept agenda as amended. Second by Fast. Motion carries 5/0

A. Approval of Minutes from July 13, 2020. One typo corrected.  Motion to approve minutes as corrected made by Durkee, Leone seconds.  Minutes approved  5/0

Approval of Minutes from Aug. 4, 2020 Interviews for Village Treasurer. Motion to approve made by  Durkee, Sternburgh seconds.  Minute approved  5/0.

Presentations:  Sherry Taylor reports on status of current Benzie County budget planning. County officials want to present a balanced budget and not spend down reserves.

Rosemary Naulty  (unable to attend) sent a report read by Clerk Reed. Four Land                Use permits have been issued and three properties on Main St. Have been cleaned up following Zoning Offices notifications of violations.

Treasurers Report- Not available due to resignation of Treasurer.

  1. Old Business:

Repeal and replace Resolution 103-20  There was a question concerning our Sewer Administrator voting on Res. 103-20.  Counsel decided there was nothing wrong with the original vote but decided to pass the same Resolution, numbered 104-20, due to the importance of the subject. Motion to repeal 103-20 made by Ward, second by Sternburgh carries 4/0 with Durkee abstaining. Motion to accept Resolution 104-20 Motion to repeal 103-20 made by Ward, second by Fast carries 4/0 with Durkee abstaining.

VII. New Business:

A. New Treasurer: Motion to hire Maryanne Goodman as Village Treasurer made by Ward,                                  seconded by Sternburg. Discussion of the two interviews. Motion carries 5/0.

B.Paving-  Discussion of road fund balances and allocation of funds in accordance with State of Michigan regulations. Motion to transfer $10,000 from Major to Local Road funds made by Leone,  second by Durkee. Motion carries roll call vote 5/0.

Motion to give contract to Ron Brown & Sons to pave the the rest of Link Drive to the back of the Honor Plaza for the low bid of $13,647 Made by Fast, second Durkee. Motion carries roll call vote 5/0.

VII. Reports:  Maintenance/Street administrator- Read by Doug Durkee. Adkins not able to         attend but assures Council he will be attending meetings in the future after dropping job coaching football.

Zoning/Planning – See Presentations

Park Committee –  Deb Reed comments on the good maintenance of Maley Park and how much       use it has been getting.

Sewer Committee –  Resolution to accept USDA loan discussed under Old Business.

Attorney Communication Report-  None

  1. Bills/ Checks – Sternburgh motions to accept report as presented, Fast seconds. Roll call vote, motion carries 5/0.
  2. Amendments – none
  3. General Discussion – None

Public input-  Adele Maher questions the overgrowth of wild grape vines and Purple Loosestrife.

Correspondence- Letter from Harold Saffron continues to makes statements about the former right-of -way adjacent to 2307 Mill St. that Village Council discussed abandoning in 1991. A second letter criticized the Clerk’s job performance. A letter inquiring about the position of Deputy Clerk was received from Anna Grobe.


XIV.  Adjourn- Motion to adjourn made by Fast,  Durkee seconds. Motion carries 5/0. Meeting adjourned at 6:33 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Debra Reed 8/13//2020