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Minutes 7-13-2020

Village of Honor     Minutes       July 13, 2020 

 Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm 


A. Pledge of Allegiance: led by President Ward 

B. Roll Call by Madame Clerk Debra Reed. Trustees Doug Durkee and Dennis Sternburgh, President Ward, Rick Fast, Susan Leone present.  Absent Treasurer Jeanne McPherson. 

CGuests Recognized: Adele Maher, Sherry Taylor 


I. Approval of Agenda: Durkee adds item to new business- Butch Adkin’s pay. Leone moves to accept agenda as amended. Seconded by Fast. Motion carries 5/0. 

Approval of Minutes from June 8, 2020.  Motion to approve minutes made by Durkee, Sternburgh seconds.  Minutes approved 5/0. 


 II.  Presentations:  Doug Durand made a presentation about the services provided by Benzie Senior Resources and how they are being affected by the pandemic. He reminded those present of upcoming millage renewal vote. 

Rosemary Naulty reports on status of current complaints and efforts to reach property owners. She has investigated legal requirements and will post notifications on property if no response is received otherwise.  

Meeting was temporarily disrupted when Dennis Rodzik insisted on entering without complying with Governor Whitmer’s directive mandating masks in public gatherings. He claimed a medical exemption, refused to show proof, and was allowed to attend with Benzie County Sheriff’s Deputy Joe Send present. Several members of the public choose to leave the meeting so as not to risk possible Covid 19 exposure. President Pro-Tem Rick Fast presided while Ward discussed matter with Sheriff Sgt. Mark Ketz. 

 Public input- Rodzik states that this is the 5-year anniversary of his acquittal. Did not say of what charges. Stated that solar and wind energy do not work. 

 III. Treasurers Report- Not available due to resignation of Treasurer. Efforts to replace Treasurer discussed. Motion was made by Ward and seconded by Fast to appoint Judy Ewald as temporary Treasurer pending interviewing other applicants after the job is posted. Motion to Pay Ewald the going Treasurer’s salary in the meantime was made by Ward and seconded by Fast. Roll Call vote carries 5/0 

 IV. Old Business:  None 



 V. New Business: 

 A.  Further discussion of Treasurer’s position and approval to post ad for the position Motion made by Ward and Seconded by Fast. Motion carries roll call vote 5/0. Durkee makes motion to raise Butch Adkin’s pay to $18.50 per hour and to provide 80% of his health insurance. Seconded by Leone. Discussion: Sternburgh questions if Village can afford to do this and is assured that is is possible. Durkee and others recognized the excellent work Adkins is doing. Adkins presents comparative data showing what other workers are being compensated for similar jobs. Roll call vote- Motion Carries 5/0. Durkee speaks about Jesse Pelky’s plan to put in a driveway on Highland Drive. No objections are raised. Reports: 

Maintenance/Street administrator- on file, Read by Doug Durkee. Bid accepted of $775 for tree removal and trimming by Smitty’s Tree Service.  Roll Call vote Carries 5/0 

 Zoning/Planning – See Presentations 

 Park Committee – Notice is made of the new gravel parking area paid for by the Cherry Capital Cycling Club and used by them and others. 

 Sewer Committee- USDA loan to finance Wastewater Treatment improvements are on track. A SAW grant of $130,000 is being utilized to develop an Asset Management Plan at no cost to the Village. 

 Attorney Communication Report- Telephone consultation with Tom Greir concerning abandonment of the end of Stacey Alley west of Henry Street. No invoice has yet been issued and there may not be a charge. 

IX. Bills/ Checks – Durkee motions to accept report as presented, Leone seconds. Roll call, motion carries 5/0.  

 X. Amendments – none 

 XI. General Discussion – None 

 Public input- Sherry Taylor informed the meeting of upcoming jail millage and that the county was currently working on next year’s budget. Dennis Rodzik states his interpretation of the effectiveness of wearing masks and warns of appearance of symptoms in the Fall. He expresses displeasure about junk vehicles on property on US 31 that had been addressed earlier in the meeting by Rosemary Naulty, Zoning Administrator. 



 Correspondence- Letter from Harold Saffron restates complaints from letter of last month mistakenly claiming intrusion onto Village righty-of-way and voices objection to housing being built in the Village of Honor. 

 XIV.  Adjourn- Motion to adjourn made by Fast, Durkee seconds. Motion carries 5/0. Meeting adjourned at 6:58pm. 

 Respectfully submitted by Debra Reed 7/14/2020.