Minutes 6-8-2020

Village of Honor     Minutes     June 8, 2020        Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm

  1. Pledge of Allegiance: led by President Ward

Roll Call by Madame Clerk Debra Reed. Trustees Doug Durkee and Dennis Sternburgh, President Ward, present.Absent Rick Fast, Susan Leone and Treasurer Jeanne McPherson.

  1. Guests Recognized: Adele Maher and Sherry Taylor
  2. Approval of Agenda: Durkee adds item to new business- Flag purchases. Durkee moves to accept agenda as amended. Seconded by Sternburgh. Motion carries 3/0.
  3. Approval of Minutes from May 11, 2020 second time “Durkee” appears struck. Motion to approve minutes made by Ward, Durkee seconds. Minutes approved as amended 3/0.

III. Presentations: Sherry Taylor informed the meeting of re-opening procedures for County offices, status of Kyle Rosa as Candidate for Sheriff and his replacement as Under Sheriff.

Rosemary Naulty reports on status of current complaints. She could not find a camper parked at 2307 Mill St. Ward explained that the mailbox is not adjacent to the actual property. The camper cited in the complaint is legally parked and is 10 feet away from the Village right-of-way. The complaint also questioned the placement of the front door of the property that has not changed since the house was built in 1981.

  1. Public input– Adele Maher pointed out the poor condition of the sidewalk and asphalt at the east entrance of the commercial Plaza. Ward will seek estimates for repair.
  2. Treasurers Report– Not available due to unexpected absence of Treasurer. Report will be available when she returns to the office.
  3. Old Business:
  4. Resolution 103-20: Notice of Intent- Notice of Intent to accept USDA loan for Sewer repairs and necessary upgrades was read aloud by Ward. Motion for acceptance of Resolution Number 103-20 and approval of funding up to $350 to publish necessary notification was made by Durkee, second by Sternburgh. Roll call vote: Durkee-aye, Ward-aye, Sternburgh-aye. Motion carries 3/0.

VII. New Business:


  1. Recovery Ready Community- Ward describes the process of applying to MEDC for Recovery Ready Community status and will pursue details of costs.

Tax request/ President/Clerk – Clerk Reed presents request from County to verify current tax rate millage. Ward motions to keep the tax rate the same. Second by Sternburgh.Roll call vote: Durkee-aye, Ward-aye, Sternburgh-aye Motion carries 3/0

Flags- Request to spend $60 for the purchase of small flags to be displayed for related holidays and stored at other times. Motion made by Ward, Durkee seconds. Roll call vote: Durkee- Aye, Ward- Aye, Sternburgh- Aye Motion carries 3/0.

VII. Reports:

Maintenance/Street administrator- on file, Read by Doug Durkee. Butch Adkins absent

Zoning/Planning – See Presentations

Park Committee – Ward shares that a small gathering will occur on Saturday, June 13 at 2 pm as a donated art work will be erected in memoriam of Alex Sarantos,  the murdered grandson of A.B. Maley.

Sewer Committee- see Old Business

Attorney Communication Report- Patrick McGow of Miller, Paddock and Stone cited under Notice of Intent, Old Business

  1. Bills/ Checks – Durkee motions to accept report as presented, Sternburgh seconds. Roll call, all Ayes, motion carries 3/0.
  2. Amendments – none
  3. General Discussion – Members discuss the upcoming Census, it’s importance, and ways to participate.

XII. Public input– Adele Maher comments on the good job being done by Butch Adkins.

XIII. Correspondence– In response to points made in a letter from Harold Saffron, dated 30 June 2020,  Clerk Debra Reed apologizes for mistakenly posting a notice stating that the Village meeting on May 11 was cancelled. The meeting was closed to in person public attendance in accordance with State of Michigan guidelines to minimize the spread of Covid 19, but could be joined by telephone by anyone interested in doing so. That detail was stated on the posted notice.

Ward addressed the same letter that stated that the Village government was responsible for tearing down the Question Mark Building. For the record, The Question Mark building belonged to the Benzie County Land Bank after it was forfeited for unpaid taxes then demolished due to concerns for public safety.


A letter from Lisa Holmes who shared concerns about speeding traffic. Council and guests are in complete agreement concerning the problem and will seek solutions to address the issue.

XIV.  Adjourn– Motion to adjourn made by Sternburgh, Durkee seconds. Motion carries 3/0. Meeting adjourned at 6:54pm.

Respectfully submitted by Debra Reed 6/8/2020