Minutes 12-19-19

VILLAGE OF HONOR    Minutes      December 9, 2019
Meeting called to order: by President Bill Ward at 6:00pm.

A. Pledge of Allegiance: Led by President Ward.

B. Roll call: Done by Madame Clerk Deb Reed. Trustees Dennis Sternburgh, Doug Durkee, Rick Fast, Susan Leone, President Bill Ward, Treasurer Jeanne McPherson. C. Guests recognized: In attendance are 6.

I. Approval of Agenda: Durkee makes a motion to accept Agenda with additions, Leone seconds, all Ayes, motion carries.

II. Approval of Minutes: Sternburgh makes motion to accept Minutes as amended, Leone seconds, all Ayes, motion carries.

III. Presentations: None.

IV. Public Input: Penny Kolarick shares how she is upset about the letter she received regarding her yard.

V. Treasurers Report: Fast makes motion to accept Treasurers Report as presented, Durkee seconds, all Ayes, motion carries.

VI. Old Business: None.

VII. New Business A. Budget- Fast makes motion to accept the 2020 Proposed Budget as presented, Leone seconds, roll call taken, all Ayes, motion carries. Fast thanks Ward and Durkee for working on the Budget. Fast and Ward thank Deb for her hard work. Deb thanks Adele Maher for her hard work.

VIII. Reports: Maintenance/Street administrator-Read out loud by Doug Durkee. Zoning Administrator/Planning Commission- RoseMary shared thatch has had 2 variances, 4 complaints, one almost cleared up , hoping to clear up another one tonight, hasn’t been able to have contact with one. RoseMary also shared that 12/16/19 @ 6:00 pm regarding Zoning Draft Revisions.
Park Committee- None. Sewer Committee- Still working on USDA grant. Attorney Communication Report- None. Ordinance Officer Report- None.

IX. Bills/Checks- Fast makes motion to pay bills as presented, Leone seconds, roll call taken- all Ayes, motion carries. X. Amendments- None. XI. General discussion- Ward makes motion to accept the 2020 meeting schedule, Durkee seconds, all Ayes, motion carries. XII. Public Input- Adele shares that the Christmas tree on Main Street looks very nice. Sherry Taylor asks about placing stickers on abandoned vehicles, she also shared that a 1/3 acres is lost every hour in Michigan to development. Rosemary shared with Penny that she would like to meet after the meeting and discuss letter. Jeanne thanks Debbie for her hard work and Butch and Doug for the work done in back room and decorations.

XIII. Correspondence- 3 from Mr. Saffron XIV. Adjourn- Sternburgh makes a motion to adjourn at 7:05, Durkee seconds, motion carries. Respectfully submitted by Jeanne McPherson 12/9/19.