Minutes 11-11-2019

VILLAGE OF HONOR Minutes November 11, 2019
Meeting called to order: by President Bill Ward at 6:00pm. A. Pledge of Allegiance: Led by President Ward along with a moment of silence for Veterans. B. Roll call: Done by Madame Clerk Debra Reed. Trustees Doug Durkee, Dennis Sternburgh, Rick Fast, Susan Leone, President Bill Ward. C. Guests recognized: There were 5 in attendance.

I. Approval of Agenda: Durkee makes a motion to accept Agenda as amended, Fast seconds, motion carries.

II. Approval of Minutes: Leone makes motion to accept Minutes with spelling corrections, Ward seconds, motion carries.

III. Presentations: Jessica Carland- Benzie Bus

IV. Public Input: Mr. and Mrs. Haan introduces themselves as the new owners of Riverside Acres and now are in process of restoring it. He also shared that the new name is Sleeping Bear Riverside Cabins. V. Treasurers Report: Fast make motion to accept Treasures report as presented, Sternburgh seconds, roll call taken, all Ayes, motion carries.

VI. Old Business: A. Sewer Bond- Ward makes motion to approve Resolution 104-19, Fast seconds, roll call taken, all Ayes, motion carries.

VII. New Business A. Red Bags- Board shares that they will leave purchasing the Red trash bags at Honor Family Market. B. Zoning Master Plan- Fast makes motion to accept Resolution 105-19, Leone seconds, roll call taken, all Ayes, motion carries. C. BCBS- Doug shares that his Health Insurance has been canceled as of 12/1/2019. D. Treasurers Report- Durkee makes motion to accept July Treasures report with the correction of $45,000 transfer that wasn’t added to report, Leone seconds, all Ayes, motion carries.
VIII. Reports: Maintenance/Street administrator- Read out loud by Doug Durkee. Zoning Administrator/Planning Commission- None. Park Committee- Ward shares that Coho Festival will be doing a Coho Christmas in the park- December 7th from 5-8pm. Budget Committee: Ward shares that they will me meeting tomorrow afternoon. Attorney Communication Report- One regarding Sewer.

IX. Bills/Checks- Fast makes motion to accept report of paying $29112.37 in bills, Durkee seconds, roll call taken, all Ayes, motion carries. X. Amendments- None.

XI. General discussion- None. XII. Public Input- Sherry Taylor shares that there was a presentation from the Historical Society, she also shared that there was presentations on the sequential of Benzie County. Sherry also shared that Ron Burns retired October 30th, and is being replaced by Rebecca Hubert. Deb Reed thanks Adelle Maher for all the help she gives to the Village.

XIII. Correspondence- None.

XIV. Adjourn- Durkee makes a motion to adjourn at 7:01, Fast seconds, motion carries. Respectfully submitted by Jeanne McPherson 11-12-19