Minutes 10-14-2019

October 14, 2019

Meeting called to order: by President Bill Ward at 6:00pm.
A. Pledge of Allegiance: Led by President Ward.
B. Roll call: Done by Madame Clerk Debra Reed. Trustees Doug Durkee, Dennis Sternburgh, Rick Fast, Susan Leone, and President Bill Ward.
C. Guests recognized: There were 12 in attendance.

I. Approval of Agenda: Durkee makes a motion to accept Agenda as amended, Leone sec-onds, motion carries.
II. Approval of Minutes: Ward makes motion to accept October 14, 2019 Minutes as pre-sented, Fast seconds, motion carries.
III. Presentations: (Dani Horvath) Durkee makes motion to accept Dani’s proposal upto $750 and two hours monthly, Fast seconds, roll call taken, motion carries.
IV. Public Input: Joanie Markham from the Coho festival asks for permission December 7th from 5-8pm for the second Christmas in the park. Teri Corner asks about price reduction of the trash bags.
V. Treasurers Report: Leone make motion to accept Treasures report as presented, Fast sec-onds, motion carries.
VI. Old Business: None.

VII. New Business
A. Publishing-Leone makes motion to publish Notice of intent to apply to the USDA, Strernburgh seconds, roll call taken, all Ayes, motion carries.
B. BS&A- Ward shares that the Village has looked into this Module before and asks Treasurer to contact to get an estimate on Treasure Module, Sewer billing, and taxes.
C. DPW Raise- Durkee makes motion to give Butch Adkins-DPW a .50 cent raise, Fast sec-onds, roll call taken, motion carries.
D. Winter Parking- Leone makes motion to publish Winter Parking Ordinance unto $200, Stern-burgh seconds, roll call taken, motion carries.

VIII. Reports:
Maintenance/Street Administrator- Read out loud by Butch Adkins.
Zoning Administrator/Planning Commission- Rosemary shares that she has has 3 com-plaints and 3 letters have gone out. 2 Land use permits, revised Zoning Ordinance. All members of the Planning & Zoning Board attended meeting.
Park Committee- Deb shares Portable bathrooms have been removed.
Attorney Communication Report- One with Tom Greer.
IX. Bills/Checks- Fast makes motion to accept bills and checks as presented, Ward seconds, roll call taken, all Ayes, motion carries.
X. Amendments- None.
XI. General discussion- Ward responds to Teri Corners question on the Village trash bag subsidizing, Ward tables for one month. Ward also shares that himself, Doug Durkee, and Jeff Sandman will be the Budget Committee.
XII. Public Input- Paul Little asks if Brown’s will be back to do Henry snd Riverside. Sherry Taylor shares that Oct. 21st- 1:30-3:00 the Benzie County Centennial Celebration will be taking place, October 17th the Board of Commissioners will be meeting with the DHHS Board. She al-so shares that the Census department is need of workers, they are paying $14.00 an hour.
XIII. Correspondence- President shares there is one from Mr. Saffron and one from Carolyn Roth.
XIV. Adjourn- Fast makes a motion to adjourn at 7:25, Durkee seconds, motion carries.
Respectfully submitted by Jeanne McPherson 10-16-19