Honor Area Restoration Project (H.A.R.P.)

There will be an informational meeting on Feb. 20 from 6-8 pm at the Gathering Place in Honor updating progress on the development of the Platte River Park.


Please contact the above link for more information, to donate or volunteer.

The Honor Area Restoration Project (HARP,) a 501 (C) (3) nonprofit was formed by diverse group of local residents, united in a love for the area and a desire to see it prosper. Their work includes preserving the history and protecting local resources; encouraging informed growth and development and promoting fiscal, recreational, and educational initiatives that benefit all citizens. A big part of HARP’s plan is to showcase the scenic Platte River by creating the Platte River Park,

The Future Platte River Park
Platte River Park, from concept to acquisition – and now to long-term planning, development and maintenance – has been a true community collaboration. As soon as the property was acquired, the community planning process began, involving Homestead Township, the Village of Honor, and others to create a 10-plus years plan, and timeline for developing Platte River Park.

The future Platte River Park encompasses a unique 52-acre plot with almost 1/3 mile of pristine Platte River frontage. The rich diversity of habitats – wetlands and swamp to forest and fields – is prime habitat for trout and salmon., it also includes a 10-acre former blueberry farm.

Just 1/4 mile from the center of the Village of Honor, the park will offer easy public access to the river, and will provide residents and visitors alike with a variety of recreational opportunities including fishing, boating, access to various ecosystems and habitats, bird watching, picnicking and the simple pleasure of enjoying nature in all four seasons.


Conceptual drawing of the proposed Platte River Park, a 52-acre site for public use, river access, habitat preservation and ecological eduation.