Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Bill’s Blog

Hello everyone,

We are certainly living through some interesting times. We should all be following recommendations and State mandates to keep safe and healthy. The federal government will be sending some financial relief and we will make it through this temporary crisis.

The Village will be operating as usual, but we may postpone our April meeting. A decision will be made as we approach the April 13 date. We will try to avoid personal contact as much as possible. It would be appreciated if sewer bills are paid by check and mailed to the office, Village of Honor , PO Box 95, Honor, 49640. Village Council is considering moving to monthly billing and arranging the option of direct payment from bank accounts.

We would like to hear any thoughts you might have on this subject. You can respond by email to me at: [email protected] or to the Village clerk at: [email protected]. (that is also the address to reach the Village Treasurer) On the topic of sewers, please do not flush anything down the toilet besides human waste and toilet paper. Other materials clog up the filters resulting in costly maintenance, even so called disposable wipes.

Garbage service updates

  • Republic Services will be limiting service due to changes caused by the Covid virus including, limiting pick ups to “Cart Contents Only’ and/or a limited number of bags where carts are not present.
  • Suspension of Bulk Collection. These changes have become necessary due to a 30% increased volume and closures of some recycling centers. We can do our part by remembering to not but out large items on the first collection date of the month and to hold on to recyclable materials (if it can be done in a safe and sanitary manner) until they can be recycled at a later date. This epidemic will pass and life will return to normal. Let’s all remain calm, work to avoid stress and do what we can to help each other.

Please contact me, preferably by email, for questions about these issues or any other subjects.