Bill’s Blog

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is warm and well and had a good holiday season.

  • We have had some difficulty with Village email. My email address is: I have not been able to receive email since December 10, so please resend anything that is important.
  • Our application to the USDA has been submitted and we are awaiting the response. The Village will need over $900,000 for improvements to our Waste Water Treatment facility to meet requirements to be re-permitted by the State of Michigan and for upgrades that will reduce maintenance costs. We will be granted a substantial percentage of the funds that will be determined as the application is processed.
  • We are fortunate to have Homestretch Housing, a non-profit from Traverse City, working on plans to bring some much needed affordable housing to Honor. As you know, the lack of affordable housing in our area is a drag on economic growth and limits opportunities for our young people to stay and work here. Homestretch is working with the Village Planning and Zoning Board to find the best fit for two story townhouses on the former Question Mark lot and the lot directly behind it. These properties are owned by the Benzie County Land bank and have been vacant for several years. Homestretch has financial support from the Honor Bank, the Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis Affordable Housing Program, Rotary Charities, and Neighborworks (NMCAA). These groups have pledged nearly one million dollars. As the project develops and is adapted to fit our requirements, more funding will be needed for completion. We are in the planning stages with many details to be worked out to make it successful.

Please contact me, preferably by email, for questions about these issues or any other subjects.