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During the 1970's
The Village of Honor constructed
a sewer system to help protect surrounding natural resources including the Platte River. This old system served the Village well for over 30 years.

30 Years Later
In 2005 the Village of Honor sought out assistance to fund upgrades to their aging sewer system. This upgrade would consist of 2 aerated ponds, 2 facultative ponds and 20 acres of spray irrigation. As an added bonus, this new 'greener' sewer system would also provide crops of Orchard grass for harvest.

Construction was completed in 2009 and additional upgrades to 3 Lift Stations were completed in 2010. The new system now serves Village residents effectively and efficiently.

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If you need a sewer connection or have questions regarding your sewer bill please contact the clerk at the Village Hall.

Monday thru Thursday, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at
10922 Platte Street, Honor, MI 49640
(231) 325-8432.
Should you be experiencing problems with sewer drainage contact Maintenance Supervisor / Lagoon Manager Doug Durkee at the Village Hall (231) 325-8432.

Look for the newly installed public parking signage in downtown Honor.
Public Parking Sign

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